Unexpected Visitor

Okay, so come on, if you had a chance to save this kitten from drowning, what would you do? Enough said, it has been a draining day, more details tomorrow….:)

Okay, so it is FRIDAY! and yesterday the students did an AWESOME job of feeding and caring for the kitten!

and it showed as she passed out at home, lol…

…so Friday starts a new day with feeding, getting “Francine DEWEY” used to the schedule of being a library cat, and overall, it has been an interesting week!

I have enrolled in several classes for online blogging, as well as starting to write a novel in November! AGH! The goal is to reach 50,000 words by the end of November, so…some prep time will allow me to get start! I am trying to get Camila started with me as a writing partner!

I get my work VISA TODAY! YEAH!

This Saturday is the College Fair at ASF, so we plan on selling PIZZA!



About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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1 Response to Unexpected Visitor

  1. Alyssa Casey says:

    Awww, it looks soooo sad 😦 I would save it.

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