I just checked out Glen Richard’s VLOG, (yes, video blogging!) – He has just arrived to India! If you are interested, you need to follow their 6 month adventure in India! Where you may ask? Well, great question! 🙂 HERE!

I think there is so much truth when I read Glen’s blog about the anxiety of something so new, but having alot of people somewhere else supporting you. The people I have met mean so much to me and propel me forward into new things and that is how I can do these things, I think anyone is capable if they simply, let go.

I also love the possibilities of blogging, and vlogging, opposed to what facebook offers. Here you have a diary of thoughts and helpful reflections from people across the world. I see facebook as the table of contents to so much more, and facebook has opened the world up so much!

I hope many others will begin their blogs and vlogs base dont he many adventures and experiences that will motivate others to do so as well! 🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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2 Responses to Vlogging….

  1. Forristyna Walker says:

    Harry, glad you are happy in new environment;enjoy perusing you blog, but no time for detailed reading on regular basis. Are you teaching library skills? What are similarities and differences of students/schools? What are challenges? do you speak Spanish?

    • harrybrake says:

      Hello! Yes! We do everything from Web 2.0 tools to databases, MLA, APA, Skyping with speakers (maybe youd’d be interested?!), research skills, Dewey Decimal system, IB training, grants, lesson plans, It is awesome!

      Similarities, well students will be students, lol, as all libraries, the “librarian” needs to diversity and be more involve din electronics. The school here has MUCH more freedom in academics, not state testing, so more time on rigorous education in the IB realm. Also, these students are broader minded in their reading, 10 graders are reading Kapfka and books most 11th and 12 grade students would read in the states. Their conversations are much more elevated and mature based on the seriousness of their studies, very intense and more so than the states.

      I just started taking Spanish lessons and am learning to identify body parts and the alphabet now, so I am studying alot this week and weekend! 🙂 🙂 By next summer whole conversations will be had!

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