EarthQuakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, ohmy!

While I wrapped up my first parent night at ASF, I could not help but sympathize with the conditions back at Seaford, DE. I am amazed and in awe at the things that have occurred since I left for Mexico! I am distressed to see the return of flooding, I believe it occurred back 3 or four years ago after a year of being in Delaware, living down from the school, a rain that never stopped. I went into the basement, and water up to my knees, all things floating! It seems the rains have appeared again. I hope all the students and families are safe, irony seems to be appearing as I feared the worst in heading for Mexico, and am amazed at the events in Delaware! I am hoping my house on Woodland Ferry has managed to maintain electricity, although Woodpecker Road, right below my house had a bridge washed out and roads are closed….:(

Today we try an Argentinian restaurant, meet for the first time as a Literary Magazine Club, and celebrate a co worker’s birthday with ice cream. Overall, the students I have interacted with have been amazing, friendly, and quite funny overall. They carry themselves with a sense of responsibility and it is an honor to be around most that are bilingual at the least, it seems that fact has them realize alot about the world around them.

I took my Spanish test 2 days ago and classes start next week, I am very excited and hope to move fast forward in that department.

It seems I have been accepted to speak at the NCTE Conference in Chicago, Illinois, and look to do so pending my FM3 and Visas coming on, November 17- November 22nd. I will be speaking on Technology resources and hope to being a trunk load of resources back for my students and fellow faculty as a result. It will feel good to be back presenting materials that can assist educators in and out of the classroom, and I hope to develop the Media Specialist role to the hilt!

Look for my next post to be the results of what looks to be a great Argentinian restaurant meal!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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