XOCHIMILCO by any other name is not XOCHIMILCO!

Adding green to the apartment was one of the main goals to attending this school sponsored trip to XOCHIMILCO, however, alot more came with the expected trip!    🙂

We left at 9:00 AM from ASF, and as we approached, you could see the change in scenery of larger and larger buildings and more and more nurseries!

Getting off into an empty parking lot, we sauntered off and wow!  Bright colors!  The Italian-like gondolas were amazing!  See for yourself!

Getting on and watching the pole bearing workers push us through the Canals of Xochimilco was the perfect way to enjoy a Saturday, and realize through the glints of sun bouncing off the canal, that Mexico used to be submerged under water, not the land appearing Mexico we see largely now.

Imagine a Wal Mart on water, this is what occurred as we encountered toys, blankets, plants, everything, a virtual store on water as we made out way to, yes!  An original Mariachi group!  They boarded our gondola and their song and spirit portrayed a true Mexico in XOCHIMILCO.

Lest we forget the island of the dolls, or Isla de las Munceas?  Please check out http://weburbanist.com/2010/10/06/mexicos-creepiest-tourist-destination-island-of-the-dolls/, my pictures do not say enough.  But, if you are not aware of the legend, oh my, you need to know the background legend behind these Chucky-like apparitions!

After what seemed liked a lazy-like river experience, (do not forget the festive dancing, drinking, laughing, and overall party and family gondola experience you can have!), we moved to s demonstration of a ritual put on by traditional Mexican culture, called Danza de los Voladores de Papantla


It was scary enough watching the “flyers” climb up the pole, but flying upside down to the bottom!  The younger students asked, has there ever been an accident?!  (Makes you wonder…!)

We moved into the nurseries that XOCHIMILCO is famous for, no kidding.  Every turn of the head showed THOUSANDS, no exaggeration, of plants and natives to Mexico, and the price, was cheaper than ANY where – it felt like highway robbery!   Plants this size anywhere else would easily be double!   I could not resist and grabbed five Peace Lily, Fiscus Tree, ferns, it was  start!

What I heard and did not believe until I physically saw, were the parakeets and exotic birds for sale, as well as lizards with harnesses and leashes; the argument being as soon as you purchase them these what should be protected and wild animals will be replaced with newer animals, so it seems it is an unending battle, sad!

We rounded out of the market in 45 minutes, passed several ponies and horses available for the ride around the market, and witnessed the other ASF faculty members and their purchases, (turtles with aquariums, plants, blankets, you name it!).

On the way back, the sentiments that this is one place visitors MUST stop is the TRUTH!  🙂  A great opportunity to see another facet of Mexico’s culture!


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  1. Jenna says:

    There is a story related to this island. About 50 years ago this The Island of Dolls was known to be the residence of a man Don Julian Santana…http://www.worldfortravel.com/2014/05/11/the-island-of-dolls-xochimaco-mexico/

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