WHS Alumni Speaker Series, #1!

We did a thing. With the brainstorming of Woodbridge School District Board member, Elaine Gallant, and thanks to local business owners that are Woodbridge alumni, AND the rising educator students at WHS, we have started the spotlight on alumni business owners through the Alumni Speaker series.

This was a SPECTACULAR first podcast, and student Isabella, who was NOT planning on being the interviewer, filling in for an ill student, was amazing in making this look easy.

We welcomed Mr. Josh Miller, General Manager of Operations at All Span, Inc., Mr. Miller and All Span Inc. was one of many sponsors of our athetic training hill as well, so this first interview in this new series is insightful, motivating, rewarding, and refreshing.

We think you will love this 🙂

I have to say this session left me speechless, with so much wisdom, reflection, and value that came out of this first session.

Kudos to the students and willing alumni who recreate the definition of making and creating in a developing Makerspace at the Raider’s Den Library Media Center, at Woodbridge High School.

Check it out HERE

WHS Alumni Speaker Series #1, Isabella and Mr. Josh Miller from All Span, Inc..

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