On the Move in Connected Areas

With the past blog post highlighting how the World On the Move exhibit would have an amazing home here in Delaware, at the ALA Conference there were attendees who shared their similar events of displays that reached out and connected individuals to very important social issues worth being aware of.

Letters to Sala was an important topic that has had many exhibits created and recreated to inform here in the United States. Below are some of the exhibits that have sprung up as a result of the Holocaust, the issue of war brides, and recollecting and reorganizing history:

New York


Scranton, New York

New Jersey


Additionally, the exhibit of one educator’s high school tied elements of an Unessay contest featured in Cleveland, Ohio, led to a spectacular Superman exhibit:

Ties to Cleveland Ohio and the Superman Comic

What many might not be aware of is that the Library of Congress has one of the LARGEST collections in the world of graphic novels/cartoons/ comics in the world– definitely worth checking out:

Exhibition and LOC

World of Comics

Largest Collection in the World of Comics

Stay tuned for another look at a resource-packed workshop from the American Library Association Conference 2022, coming your way!


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