Something More to Carry…

While some of the WHS XC (Cross Country) students were helping with a construction project yesterday – the conversation among students and coaches was how students wished they would receive more deep dives into the curriculum. We asked about their experiences as students from all schools attended to date. Some stated they heard about the signing of the constitution 100 times, yet have not heard very often about the details that surrounded events in the revolution, during the revolution, or individuals they never knew in the revolution, they are interested in the weird, out of the books, hard to find details on curriculum details, the things they will carry with themselves outside of school.

School Librarians present in all schools can present this, and I feel the Upward Bound Program this summer also provided the time to to do this – this is an amazing program for giving the students steps, so they realized they can achieve, succeed, and thrive more than they ever expected- they become new individuals when giving fresh perspectives.

Lots to discuss on the above topics, so stay tuned, but here is a sneak preview into some of the aspects that came out of the Upward Bound Program this summer, at Georgetown Del Tech (Art, Science, Math, Workstudy, Foreign Languages (German), college visits) and more. A HUGE asset to students and the state of Delaware for enhancing the information that students WANT to discover from what can be sometimes a cookie cutter curriculum. We are better than that, students and parents want better than that, school librarians are only one of 100 ways to start on that path, and communication among school librarians, administrators, teachers, public libraries, paraprofessionals, parents, The Delaware Education Association, the Delaware Department of Education, local agencies for Librarianship, need to occur more on a higher level.

Bringing the details alive is an art of education, not a unnecessary aspect and asking why your school does not have a school librarian, to connect what occurs in school to community leaders, events, businesses, and more, to enhance their education is a start. Write to your DASL (Delaware Association for School Libraries) leadership team to find out how as simple as sending an email, can start this process!


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