Intersection. Which Way Do you Turn?

April 1st.

Poetry Introduction (because School Libraries, Sexual Assualt Awareness and Prevention, and Poetry can be destinations we use vehicles to get to!)

Whew. Let’s just dive in. Looking back to last year – it seemed a different April 1st is appearing, and one not to be worried about if headed in the right “direction.” (That is the good and bad thing about school librarians (SCHOOL LIBRARY MONTH!) – See? their mind is ALWAYS on and connects to everything…) It seems the idea of idling at an intersection was more real this year than ever, seeing so many aspects converging together. Exciting.

Speaking of that term before we just do that, this day ironically marks the birthday of my Day, Harry Brake Sr., and an assortment of gifts he has left behind for our family to capitalize on. From his hard-working ethic, to his mischievous nature, to the ability to reach out and pull in a handful of acquaintances without blinking – (pretty much like a magnetic), to an unbridled creativity that would come out in the most unexpected ways (wood carving, soap carving, mechanically, twisting designs throughout metal, paint, and more, the armory of talent that he carried, utilized, and shared knew no bounds.

Oddly enough, there were similar identities, even stories. but as a family, we know there was only one that carried weight in so many widening circles in Pennsylvania.

Much of that I carried with me silently throughout the day and helped me create and reflect on the below as well- as I realize each of us carries a potential – the trick is seeing it through to share it and have it develop into other creations and motivating others.

April 1st- April Fool’s Day, aaaah yes. So – it is true, I did NOT add an addition to my canine and feline family despite my post. Sorry about that. I try to keep the lines between what is possible and what is not closely aligned to allow a little bit of questioning to occur on April Fool’s Day in the tradition of the mischievousness my Dad would always lay before us. However, the intersection of the day is what is powerful amid a day of potential foolery.

The whole idea behind School Library WEEK, (April 3-9, 2022) and of course, School Library Month Month, is to be a model and beacon to inform others of what they might not realize about school libraries. It sounds obvious, that school libraries have morphed since the idea of a room full of books at your disposal without spending a fortune, and free to the average patron – ALWAYS a bonus to anyone that really likes anything mechanical, vocational, creative, inspiring, and a hundred more topics, without having to be a book worm. Unless people outside of libraries realize the inside can be a haven for dreams, talents, creativity, inspiration, and connections, yes, connecting to everything around us, then the value of the school library is diminished, just like a vehicle loses its value as soon as it is driven off the lot.

How do you maintain that value and keep that knowledge in front of the average person outside of the school library? At this point in the intersection of school libraries and potential, it is all about finding ways to market what exactly a school library does, and meet those needs of the community, be it a school community, a town/neighbor community, a learning community, a retired community, an business community, an agricultural community, every one one of these communities are connected and have intersection they all will eventually meet at, the key is to have the school library be the stoplight, sign, or traffic director to send people in the right direction.

Our first intersection decision becomes National Poetry Month in April! First, get this straight, Poetry is not always flowery, sweet, and sentimental. FALSE! It CAN be, but more importantly, poetry helps show the relatedness of thought, to action, to sometimes emotion, to the world around us. Of course the classics stick out, like Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Billy Collins, the “classics” that will burn through your memory of what driving through an intersection is.

Let’s also recognize that poetry is and can be represented by “Hot Rods” of the category, Amanda Gorman, Maya Angelou, Violeta Orozco, Joy Harjo, Jason Reynolds, Sandra Beasley, many more young poets, and this comparison to intersections about poetry and vehicles is not by accident.

There is poetry about mechanics.

There is poetry about farming.

There is poetry about pets.

There is poetry about doctors.

There is poetry that can highlight causes such as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (Also April).- Survivor Poems that show growth through traumatic events

The intersection we find ourselves at with School Library Month and poetry is full of potential, it is just dependent on which direction we choose. So here is a challenge to start us off. We are looking for poems that discuss growth, life, and even more how they represent our own state of Delaware, or your state, or country where you live, your immediate community. We want to collect these that reach deep and make you think in a literary art magazine by students, called The Riff.

We want to theme our collection Sprout, and show how people from all over respond and see this idea of “sprouting” through many dimensions of growth. We want to publish this and show this is a collection of individuals who are able to show us through your poetry (this month IS poetry Month). We hope you will send them here: SUBMIT and please tell others and let’s show how this intersection of poetry and life are navigated by us. Please also check out our Poetry a Day, every day page, as we navigate through so many types of Poetry for EVERY DAY! –

Next post, since this is just becoming too long 🙂 – How the intersection of poetry contests out of Woodbridge High School, Escape Rooms, and some other cool contests this month will engage and challenge everyone from adults to young students, stay tuned later today to learn how this will be available to you – and celebrate School Library MONTH!

Also, Happy Belated April Fool’s Day Birthday Dad!


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