Jasmine Warga, Students, and Art bring out the inner student

Olivia, do you think you could paint a conversation between an author and students/adults?

Wow She did!

In talking with Jasmine Warga and her book, Other Words for Home, so much depth!

A HUGE shout out to Delaware’s Festival of Words, which involves coaches, artists, teachers, parents, students, librarians, athletes, readers and non-readers to name a few. We need to continue to support initiatives like that that allow students to think outside of the proverbial box. This event supplies opportunities, meals, and texts alongside live author events to inspire all.

The talk we had tonight with Jasmine Warga, AMAZING.  The concept and perception of women wearing hijabs, the level of comfortable being asked where you are from when you were/are born in the U.S., the stereotypes and fears that many Arab Americans had following 911, and so many more topics that were brought up!   AND we had a student paint this painting based on the conversations she hears – attached.  Amazing night and I realized, school libraries can catch students off guard and enable a sense of trust to talk about normally uncomfortable topics when students find that third space library that introduces art and interests of the students without ever having to mention a book. 

The interest in books actually does not need to come from a reading interest which many students do not have, students tonight became interested because of topics they might learn about themselves, that draws them to the books. 

Fascinating discoveries tonight!


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