Perfect Day?

Sometimes you just hit the lottery.

Arriving at Chapel Branch at 1:00PM, on a day that seemed patterned after the best summer day you can recall – Denise Oliver and I began walking our canines, and it was picture perfect. The dogs seemed to say with each whiff, FINALLY! Between the breeze and gentle rocking of air you could hear through the woods, it is an AMAZING place to be on a day like today.

Looking back over the last few weeks with developments on the horizon, it is such an amazing gift to be able to have a place like Chapel Branch to escape the marathon’s of to do’s the world recycles day after day.

A VERY successful DO More 24 campaign,

a great community cleanup planned for March 26th at Chapel Branch and Newton Woods, our exciting Pre Easter online auction April 11th – 15th, of so many artistic and creative items that will make amazing Easter gifts from businesses all over MD and DE, our Beer and Benevolence Community Dinner night at Dog Fish Head April 27th starting at 5:00 PM – and the possibilities that are on the horizon, but add this all up and realize most events are within a 1-4 miles if you live in Seaford- it is breath taking.

After an amazing day and soaking in sunshine, we saw at least 10 more cars in the parking lot, talking with new visitor about the trails, and engaged in an amazing conversation with someone that remembered when Chapel Branch was initiated along with the Seaford Swim Associations’ pool, it was a perfect day to travel back in time. It was interesting to hear about the swing sets, baseball park, and how Chapel Branch was created to be a recreational area for those that became employees of DuPont. I have been searching for years for images/pictures that captured what these areas looked like, if you happen to know of anyone that has these. We’d love to gather these for an archive adding to the legacy of the Chapel Branch area.

With a day like this, the dogs rest and sleep better, we sleep a sounder sleep, and are able to face a next day where we realize it is better to slow down and take on the tasks of every day at a slower pace to take in the beauty we often rush by every day. It was exciting to also meet individuals today who wanted a copy of our recently donated book, Last Child in the Woods, and discuss the many wonders of Chapel Branch they may not be yet aware of.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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