Kudos in reflection…The Mind of an Adult Begins with the Imagination of a Child

Sitting in my car on Friday, letting the realization of how a weekend will feel and feels, we all have done it. Realizing it IS the weekend, excited about an open door that allows possiblities within the framework of Covid, and three individual Kudos stickers on my lap.

Should I go in, should I just think of others topass this Kudos onto? As I ate one of the best thick, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and fria Chai tea- I thought, heck,. yes, I should.

I marched back in to Amity, presented Amity Coffeehouse with a Kudos as well as the in-store resident artist Queena Joy Mast with a Kudos

after explaining what Projectkudos.com was. You would have thought I dropped $1000.00 on the studio ( I would if I could). The story that unfolded, the loss of someone so close to them due to cancer, the painting she completed of this individual who they lost to cancer, (yes that painting, AMAZING!) – and I mean, how would I haveknown that unless I had not pushed myself to follow through with Kudos? I wouldn’t have, absolutely not, and how well interconnected everything was- FATE.

Not that this was without additional excitement, over 10 times Cheska, who was visiting the Wilderlove Vintage store, broke in and began to tell us an unreal story she was writing. Her account of a tumor that had to be removed and how , the very next day, the complications, the debilitative after-condition that never occurred; literally the miracle that was her life now, and showing us pictures after her surgery- it was alot to take in after a whole day of drama and coping with school-setting situations, emotional overload and yet, I wondered…what would have happened if I had decided NOT to followup and go back in and give the Kudos as was my original feeling? Leaving after a flurry of information from Cheska and husband, visitors on their wayto Cape May, and Cheska’s remark of noticing I did not have a ring on my figure and gviving me the tip of not to be afraid of relatonships by the way (are you seeing this experience yet?!) – WOW

My point is, being an adult in a pandemic is quite easy to forget whatit was like to be a creative child when we did not have such a world situation- meaning – do not hesitate, now mroe than ever to tap into creativity, the chance to uplift and pass on to another encouragement, to literally grab a Kudos and give one to someone you know.

Today is the last dayto share a Kudos with someone, whether you knew Troy Haynes or not, hashtagging someone and sendingthem a Kudos today, you are more aligned with Troy’s spirit of others fulfilling their very best – something we all share despite the friendships we acquire, nothing more willbring you to the spirit and sense of giving Troy contained of passing it forward.

In a difficult tmime for so many, I can think of no better time for you to reach out to someone and givem them a Kudos nudge, so theyknow you are thinking about them – using these hashtags – #4troyfoundation #WHS #givekudos #Projectkudos @Project Kudos Powered by Schell Brothers you can help others remember what it is like to imagine and raise up – something I heard again today on NPR’s podcast with Kwame Alexander this morning. Pass the Kudos on while you have the chance!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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