Staying Ahead of the Race

Whew, since March I think few of us realized the stress, worry, and plans that would be made to adapt to everything from school, to personal life, to our health, to how recreation and extracurricular life would completely be flipped around.

One day after Thanksgiving, I can truly be proud of so many things – Here’s my list:

The Woodbridge High Cross Country Team – from the coaches, athletes turned managers, athletes and parents – we have never seen a more disciplined and serious team than this year, and the results show it – take a look at grades:

The boys team average was 80%

The Ladies team average was 98%

The team’s average overall was 89%

HUGE kudos to the teachers, as well as parents, AND of course the athletes for seeing the bridge between academics AND sports travels both ways, and in such an unpredictable time, I could not be more proud despite, I am sure, most of the athletes dread my daily emails/calls asking about their work, LOL.

But then let’s take a look at the times of these athletes!

The first time is the time they started and they time after the versus is now or the time they are aiming to beat this year as their PR (Personal record) at Conference tomorrow or states next week!


Anjolie – 26:38 versus 29:39 before being hurt for the season

Bethany 25:28 versus 24:20

Kenia 26:34 versus 25:50

Alyssa 31:51 versus 30:34

Kayla 38:40 versus 28:40

Parker 26:39 versus 26:24

Payton 28:39 versus 25:53



Ahmere 18:54 versus 19:59

Samuel 22:10 versus 20:34

Duane 28:17 versus 22:03

Wesley 22:13 versus 22:35

David 46:59 versus 27:45

Luke 22:42 versus 21:55

Caleb 22:21 versus 19:50

Ian 19:35 versus 18:27

High Honor Roll Luke, Payton, Anjolie, Samuel, Parker, Kenia, Alyssa, Kayla, Bethany

and Honor Roll! Ahmere, Duane, Wesley!

And I will bet tomorrow, at the 2020 Henlopen Conference at Killen’s Pond, our athletes will have alot to show and surprise themselves in what they can do – VERY proud and thankful for them responding back to the call to be as great as they can dream to be.

Add to this year the need to be thankful for a Memorial trees project

that started and became initiated (more to come!), computer technology supplied to needy students, and that is JUST TOUCHING THE SURFACE in a pandemic year – there will be more to come, and whether on a physical 5k course or racing against the challenges of the pandemic, if we stop and reflect, there is QUITE alot to be thankful and grateful for – pushing the negative of 2020 into positive digits. Stay tuned followed tomorrow’s Conference meet for even more reasons to see how the season and year can become a better one!

Watch this for inspiration- you can do ANYTHING


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