Be the Spark. Bring Karma Back Into a Positive Light.

There I was, having received my SUV truck back after an lengthy cost and lengthy period of repair, so the dogs were out of luck with being able to be driven anywhere. They were excited, I was excited to be out on a 65 degree plus day in the third week of November. In line to the local Chick Fil A to grab another Peppermint Shake and three cups of whipped cream for the canines, as I approached the ordering kiosk, I noticed, as I opened my wallet, I had slipped by debit card out and left onto the desk beside my front door, and no other payment with me. oooof! I went up to the speaker to order, and had to explain I left my payment at home but would need to drive thru and would need to come back.

They understood and I passed up to the next employee holding the device to process payment. As I explained this to the cashier working outside, she would not hear of it, she wanted to take my order and I said, seriously, no, I live close and I can get and return. She would not hear of it, she asked me what I wanted and ordered and ordered the whipped cream cup for the dogs, not even hesitating once.

While embarrassed I forgot my payment at home and not checking before leaving home, I also realized how often someone could do the same thing I did blatantly and take advantage of this situation. The employee never hesitated. It stayed with me all the way home. I decided I would make sure, next time through, I would pay for the person behind me.

We spend an awful lot of time looking at Karma in the negative light, seeing what negative Karma will come back to haunt someone when something they do negative will come back to haunt them. I hope in the future, many more will look at the positive light of Karma, and what it can do for each of us, as well as those that surround us.

Below is what i wrote To Chick Fil A– and yes, Chik Fil A has contentious political stances that cause conflict, but I certainly can agree with others philopsophies they extend to customers. We should apply the same to how politics and how we treat people, and serve people, regarding politics, in the same way.

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Well, thanks so much!Hi Harry,We’re so glad to hear about your recent experience. We know compliments can really make someone’s day, so we’re sharing your kind words with the leadership team at the restaurant you visited. They will make sure your compliments make it back to the team members.

Thank you again for sharing. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you.

Chick-fil-A Customer Care Team

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Date: 11/22/2020
Name: Harry Brake
Email Address:
Comments: Yesterday, November 21st, at this store- 22932 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973, I was IN line with my three dogs, and went to order and went for my wallet and realized, I had left my Debit card on the shelf beside my front door! I had all forms of payment at home. I explained this at the window, and explained I would go back home and retrieve my debit card and then return. The employee taking payments, in a grey shirt, as I drove through, refused to let me move on until she made it clear they would take care of the payment for me, and would not take no for an answer, as well as providing cups of whipped cream for my canines in the car. This was generous beyond belief, and when anyone could say this was the case to get a free meal, I appreciate the generosity given to me. The next time I am in the drive through, I am going to pay it forward and pay for the person behind me. Thank you so much for instilling this generosity in your employees. This was around 2:00 PM so I hope you will pass this forward this message onto this employee that was on the lane outside, taking orders. Thank you so so much.
Restaurant Number: 04135
Inputs: restaurantExperience_compliment_serviceStaff_other
Report Number: 19828063

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