Growing Up Being Brought Up

Walking the dogs after dark has become a habit.  This was one of the greatest things to do in Mexico, with a night life that made it seemed as if the middle of the day, neighborhoods were alive until 2:00 AM and friends, neighbors, lovers, reveled in the ability go enjoy each other at any other over good food, a warm and inviting open establishment, no matter what the time.

It is difficult to come to terms with shaking the late night walk and certainly the dogs have not shaken that from their internal schedule. Despite the itching to just not go back out after a long day, once out, I am grateful for being able to have the tranquility of the stars, the quiet of the night, and now, even in such a forced time of quiet and solitude, despite the loss of open revelry of establishments and socializing that used to be the norm, from Mexico to the United Stated, this tranquility still exists to a degree.

It was this reflection as I walked past homes and almost every window was illuminated with a television screen that I also reflected on the lack of a television as I grew up except for the holiest of holies, a weekend Steeler game at my grandparents, the latest Mash episode, and, well that was it – often as I grew up I remember a television now even being the focal point of the living room, often absent.  I am grateful that even today I am not even aware of what sitcom is on when, and I have time filled with the outdoors and connecting with others with…

Yes – we have the computer now to take the place of the time television sucked out of us, don’t we?! As I thought of this, I did relish one of so many meaningful opportunities that have presented themself during this pandemic. The National Theatre in London, one of the most magical of streaming theatres that we would attend religiously in Mexico – is now streaming some of its BEST performance for free, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, for two more days for FREE.  One of my “favorit-est” productions by William Shakespeare of all time the depth and confusion, creativity and gender swapping you see allowing men to see the lives of women, women to see the lives of men, this version manipulates creativity to the HIGHEST level and HILARITY ensues.  Tasmin Greig is HILARITY amplified as Malvolio – the creative liberties that are taken with a stair case set that opens and a stage that revolves – this is an AWESOME production- and trust me, when we were lucky enough to see productions at the Lunario– magical.

It is amazing how specific events can make your adventures come full circle a world away, even during a pandemic.

Simon Godwin’s production of Twelfth Night is powerful personally because it reminds me of evenings where friends would gather beforehand for dinner on a balcony and an evening of high caliber theatre, then intermissions allowing our reactions, and a combination of socializing and entertainment in its best light (in this case, the dark). The cast – all captivating, hysterical, and in on plot within plot, is a revolving plot- dizzying at time and a great honor to the cast that makes all spin.

In the midst of this pandemic, there are so many amazing opportunities that present themselves that we can take in, in our own homes, and often defy the usual screen time experience.  And yet, the value of realizing in this difficult time, the value of having quality moments outside to truly be able to soak in the power of these experience? – just as powerful.  Do not miss the two day opportunity to see this production of Twelfth Night, it is a great spin on what Shakespeare can do in the modern day and show his timelessness – and a reminder of what is coming to the National Theatre in London, you will LOVE what comes next after this production ends on April 3oth. Coming full circle with your experience, and giving yourself time to do so, is a bright moment we can each find for ourselves during this difficult time.

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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