An Ode to Sisters’ Road Tripping Through Life.

Every year, my sisters would take a yearly road trip and yes, they never ceased to cause havoc along the way that would create memories of hilarity for years, and I mean YEARS, after.

One of the most difficult trips that my sisters Tracy, Melanie, Pam, Joni, Lisa, and her daughter Ericka would make would be supporting her fight with cancer.  Day in and day out, staying up for hours, rotating work shifts, and on the road all hours of the night, morning and afternoon making the treks to insure Lisa was not alone, ever.

When I was able to travel to Pennsylvania to visit Lisa, I was go glad to be able to receive and give family hugs like we used to when I was younger.  I never realized how grateful I were for my sisters until I was reunited with them. and see how they cared for Lisa, and you were able to see the selflessness they contained.  Many times previous my sisters continued to include Mom on their road trips and surprise her over and over. 

Road TripMiles never mattered, time and work were shifted aside and they made these visits happen as as a group.  Thank you my sisters for the sacrifices you made for Lisa and for our family over and over. 

Love you and love your selfless heart.  Many can take lessons on what is most important and what sacrifices needs to be made for their family, and thanks to you, you keep the spirit and heart of our family, as taught us by other Dad, alive every day, as well as those within our family like Harry R and Lisa.  Thank you.


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1 Response to An Ode to Sisters’ Road Tripping Through Life.

  1. Misty Rocco says:

    That was a beautiful read and lisa and your family are so lucky to have each other it truly is a great gift to have a close family that gets along in the good and bad times. I was glad to have been Lisa’s friend .

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