1. refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind.
    “he is adamant that he is not going to resign”
    synonyms: unshakeable, immovable, inflexible, unwavering, uncompromising, resolute, resolved, determined, firm, rigid, steadfast;

    In my case, I have to say the definition of adamant is my sister Lisa Copney.  The one image is my sister Lisa, wearing a shirt with the words “beautiful” walking down the boardwalk of Ocean City causing all kinds of hilarity with everyone she came int ouch with.  That is the key about Lisa, she was always adamant about making sure everyone she came into contact with as many people as she possibly could, and no one would ever forget her infectious friendliness.

    I have to say I can recall hardly any one individual as unshakeable in her faith and beliefs as Lisa. When Lisa stood her ground, and stand her ground she would, there was about a .05 % chance at best you would gain any ground on moving her, I would say physically and hypothetically.

    What everyone knew about Lisa was that that her imposing frame matched the size of her heart.  She would be able to force, convince, and /or push you into something if she sensed you wanted, felt, or were unsure of moving forward with something on your mind.  There was not turning back on any sense of decisiveness, it was forward progress alone and no other possibility.

    As an unwavering pillar of strength, you realized that Lisa was the permanent foundation a family needed to regain the confidence in any steps in life you were unsure about.  Yes, this could sometimes take the form of stubbornness (not often seen in any family! 🙂 ), and sometimes being obstinate, but you never had to guess where her commitments were, she made it obvious to anyone that knew her, and that was her strength;  nothing could restrain her from her beliefs, be it her fight with such an unfair opponent as cancer, the daily challenges of life itself, and fighting the loneliness she felt with the absence of her husband Larry – she moved forward and provided a pillar of strength for her family and all those she considered her family.

    Add to this second quality the philosophy of being resolute, and you find the sister we found in Lisa that can never be replicated, forgotten, or ignored.  Her resolute nature would take her through some of the most difficult moments in her life, and she brought her family alongside her.  The moments you felt you had nothing left, you would see the fight in Lisa’s eyes, and realize you had much more than you gave yourself credit for to carry on through some of life’s toughest moments. 

    I could never find words to ever say goodbye to my sister Lisa, because I realized, there is no goodbye when you have a sister like her, always championing for you, her strength never wavering in the most difficult of times, so what would be your excuse seeing her fight with such imposing odds?  Despite her own struggles and pain she might be experiencing, her saying I love you were the easiest words in the world, just as saying hello to the stranger on the street, she made it that way.  You could see the piercing strength in Lisa’s eyes and the expectation to rise to any challenge, no excuses, and take on any obstacle that towered over anyone.  Despite Lisa towering over most people, I cannot think of anyone’s heart as large as her stature, when it came right down to the moment of how much she gave of herself to others, be it conversation, encouragement, or the strength to dig in and make the best of so much in life many take for granted. 

    The gifts Lisa continued to give day in and day out, on her best and most difficult days, were the very gifts instilled in each of us as family from day one from my brother Harry Randall and passed down from my Dad Harry. There are few moments in life when you have such a family that carries multiple names, and multiple gifts from the heart, and yet, Lisa managed to provide these, just as so many in our family have done before, on a continual basis.  That I realize, is the true center of love, giving of yourself despite the most difficult moments you have in your life, and realizing that selflessness allows you to move forward in your own life. 

    Lisa lived that philosophy of life every single day, and if we have learned anything from the love that Lisa has given each of us, it is to continue to celebrate life the very way Lisa taught each of us through her love, unshakeable, unwavering and resolute way of standing up for her family, views, and integrity of those she cared for.  Those were so many it is impossible to count, from the pizza delivery boy, to her sisters’ roadtripping adventures, to the family she created in her sons and daughters, grand-daughters and grandsons, and of course brothers.  

    It is not difficult to see the grit and toughness of every member of the Brake family in her eyes and gait, and how she created new family with that trait over the years. She always contained Ethel’s face from the very beginning, and carried her Dad’s get-through-anything determination, passing this on to everyone that found themselves within Lisa’s sphere of contact.  There could be no greater gift than Lisa herself, and knowing someone so strong as Lisa was willing to share these qualities with all those around her, and always end with “I love you” says alot about what is needed in this world.  Lisa always knew that and still does through each of us. 

    The amazing outpouring of condolences, comments and expressions of sympathy I have received from so many individuals that have come so dear to my life, are each a testament to the wealth, as someone with the last name of Brake, had been given from so many in my immediate family.  I am blessed to have so many family and friends that are family to always drop a line of thought when so many difficult times occur, and have my family to thank for allowing me to come into contact with so many people from around the globe.  This has kept me going through the darkest and most challenging of times, and always reminds me of the very gifts Lisa, Harry Randall, Dad and our family as a whole provides for us day in and day out.  There is no greater gift to be asked for.   Thank you for your love Lisa, it lets our light shine continually showing your life in front if each of us.


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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