Making Flag and Father’s Day your own.

I was slightly disappointed to not see more about it being Flag Day and a decent amount about it being Father’s Day.  Just a little bit of history is important to help realizations of how these holidays started –

Father’s Day began in 1972 (my birth year!) and I liked this article on this day

Flag Day’s history began in 1885 and can be traced back with this informative site.

In today’s world, there are so many exceptions to holidays, and yes, some individuals grew up without having a father figure – so where does that leave individuals that do not have a bloodline father to celebrate after?

What I have realized is I have been lucky to have many role models I have come across in my life those in my family, and those not that included educators, colleagues, extended family and more.  I have been lucky enough to have a father that worked countless hours for others and sacrificed so much of his own time for me and others.  Yet, I also have been lucky enough to have countless role models in friends, instructors, and more that easily filled that role of father.

When I think of Flag Day, despite the divisions and strange days our country has been through the last few years, there is something very patriotic about role modeling what a father figure should be to others.  Despite each individual situation, there is always room to make the changes you hope to see in future generations.  The role modeling of a father figure we’d want to experience can be received by anyone we come into contact with, from a customer, student, to a colleague, to a friend, to countless encounters that exist.  Making Flag Day and Father’s Day count for everyone we come into contact with goes a long way, and we each can easily make it our own, while living up to the standards we’d want to see in Father’s Day and Flag Day.


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