Origins Carry the Way Through – Part II

Exactly a week ago, many came together for the June 8th Community Festival in Greenwood to take a chance on a gathering to bring individuals together to celebrate something simple, but complex at the same time. I believe that the risk and chance these individuals and businesses took this day go far in showing that they have a commitment to community itself. I will attempt these in alphabetical order 🙂

Again, if we continue to create events that also benefit the community around us, I see us maximizing the events we are creating to better the word around us.

I wrote at the tail end of the previous blog post :

“Amity, Hungry Howies, and A TON MORE made this event happen, so please stay posted for Part II coming soon to let you in on what has to happen for a festival such as this, 5k and festival both to happen thanks to those that support it.”

This post deals with those that delved into making the 5k a success.  Another blog post will need to be devoted strictly to the festival, as you are seeing how incredibly involved and committed it takes from many to make such an event possible.  The 5k designated to Troy Haynes’ fight was a success thanks to the groups that came forward in an instant to make this event happen smoothly. While we are still working on the funds to be raised to rise above the cost of the event, the awareness of what we are possible of, what others are going through, is part of the resources that tie us together as a community.

5K (Results here)

Kicking off the 5k was a huge worry and then not due to those that made it a success.

Alastornia, Rebekah, Alexis – When a jam-packed day is in front of you, it is beyond relief to know that individuals such as these young ladies make the day doable.  From working the preregistration table to the finish line – everything was in good hands with these students willing to sacrifice their day for the success on this day. Their reliability and dependability speak volumes.

Amity – Without a doubt, a hub of Greenwood that provides relaxation, a time to reflect, and just a great place to socialize came to be a huge component of the 5k.  Providing a space to grab the pre-registration materials, as well as providing fruit and water – what seems as a simple thing makes an event complete success.  Starting with Amity as a co-location of this event made it possible from the beginning.

Bayhealth Wellness Center at Woodbridge High SchoolThe inclusion of water bottles provided for the 5k was perfect – and a great way to show how combining services in the community to healthy activities, brings so many together for a common sense of purpose. The paths to find out how to reach the community at large is always a challenge, and we are lucky to have a Bayhealth Wellness Center to reach out to many needs of students, right in our school environment.

Bridgeville Public Library – Thanks to Karen Johnson who helped bring open the dream of a unique trophy through the use of her 3d Printer.  I count on the ideas of mine and being able to do things from our own school library and Ms. Johnson never faltered when we needed the support.

The Cannons – From the history of fundraisers and school support at Seaford High School, to current years with prom and student government support, to this day -from Derek riding his bike leading the pack, to Dalton despite his back pain helping in the morning, as well as Ms. Cannon grabbing images of the day itself, one of many families made this day reinforced of why community matters so much in such an event.

Carmen Chona- The voice of the event as well as supportive medical needs, Chona sacrificed to be here as well as being able to bring supplies needed in the form of coolers and ice that would be needed for the event.  Her enthusiasm and expertise made the difference completely.

Coach Hood, has always been my sanity, my rock, my ability to follow through with the appropriate awards based on participants.  I simply seem to fold when it comes to who gets what trophy and medal – after the stress and worry that I find myself going through at the beginning of every 5k.  From the events we have held at Chapel Branch, to when we have coached together XC, as well as the sacrifices Coach Hood makes when it comes to taking her of family, Coach Hood has always found time to provide her time to make events such as these simply happen.

Colton Phillips – Without hesitation Colton helped redefine the map for the 5k based on the Haitian Chicken Benefit Run held in Greenwood around Thanksgiving.  His patience while not at home and constantly making sure an accurate 5k map was available was necessary for the race from the start.

Deez Teez- For printing up to the night before and making sure the logos were correct for race day.  Much much appreciated for all!

Derek- Willing to lead the group from beginning to end and help the race stay on track was an extra that enhanced the race.  Thank you for letting us rely on you!

Families and participants made this happen. Robbin Wells first thing in the AM offered to help as she picked up her preregistration packet, she was amazing.  Cassidy Thomas was super patient when her packet wasn’t ready the day before at WHS.  The Kerrick, Deford, Syerra Smith and family and Knutsen families came out, as well as the spirit of Darren Camper, past runner Ben Russell, high school students as Adam, Bethany, Syerra, Mackenna, and younger students, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON (list here)  participating – every single person added to the quality of this event this day.

Greenwood City – From every meeting we had leading up to this event, the city was supportive and inviting.  Thank you for letting this be a reality.

Greenwood Police Department and Fire Department – The planning, the implementation of safety and guiding participants, to simply providing the extra maps and advice on the event overall, the Fire and Police Department never hesitated once to make this event the best it could possibly be.

Greenwood Public Library – Weeks before the event as well as the day of the 5k and use of the parking lot, are a smidge of how public libraries can collaborate with school libraries and create events that can impact the community around us. Donna Carter helped reinforce the fact that components of public and school libraries and design a huge host of events that at the libraries alone, would preview the 5k to happen this day.

Jon Rene Holmes – The ability to jump in and sacrifice her time for the day and this 5k made a massive impact.  From keeping the registration and start on track to helping with the discerning of medals and trophies to participants, and of course her connection to Mr. Moore that allowed us to have an amazing element of sound, this allowed all to occur for the 5k.

RunSignUp –Hands down one of the most service-friendly, efficient, and organized applications for events involving runs and walks, RunSignup makes the process easier than it should be.  This service allowed the planning of the 5k to happen with the smallest amount of effort.

Tim Moore, of Slim Streets Sounds, was the backbone that made this event spectacular. He devoted his time and energy to this event just for Troy Haynes. His setting up at 5:00 AM at the Greenwood Library parking lot and his expertise all through out, from wireless mics, to prepping all participants and announcing their accomplishments as they crossed the finish line – priceless. 

Wesley – Helping put put fires from a locked cashbox and no combination, to helping with setup and maps, to logistics of the 5k in general, Wesley came to the rescue.

The WHS MCJROTC’s willingness to be present at intersections, help with the halfway mark despite someone angry that we were making noise in setting up the table 🙂 – as well as their time given to plan weeks ahead of time, all of it allowed for a

Communities in Schools, MCJROTC, and TriSports

5k to run smoother than it would be without them.  Please do not forget their 5k Fun Run/Walk occurring on October 26, 2019, at WHS – this is yet another chance to be a sponsor for a healthy local event – as well as a chance to be a sponsor AND a way to give back to the community with items than are being collected for middle and high school students.  This is sponsored in coordination with Communities in Schools of Delaware and TriSports.







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