Redefine Everything As You Move Through it.

Prom.  Let me just say it – nothing – in every single detail is as you plan it. Even if that means one little detail.  Which serves as a larger metaphor for life, doesn’t it?  Starting in August (okay maybe a little earlier) of 2018, I realized the support and reliability of the Junior Officers helped make such an event happen, and happen so that a positive and memorable event would remain in everyone’s mind.  Starting with some amazing ideas from that 2018 starting point, Mr. Chase and Ms. Thompson were supportive and helpful from the very beginning, the WHS board supporting the ideas and paths that led to a Night of Royalty 2019.


It would be easy to walk away with the event over and be able to say, “Whew, done.” Yet the services and individuals that enabled this night to occur have to be mentioned and I am not sure can be done in one post.  Adding to that, I was able to see how such a commitment can be bust or a success based on similar ways individuals handle how they interact with others throughout everyday life.  Yes, the similarities were there and were a reason for this night’s success.

It is one thing to decide on a theme (not an easy task, but only a beginning).  Once this was decided, the specifics to reinforce that theme an be daunting.  Yet, without a beat, without murmur, the contact, communication, and the strength of Christina Haynes and her family, her friends, her company Simply Elegant Linens & Designs represented everything you hope to see and experience.  Despite countless trials, hurdles, personal and professional challenges, this was the rock that sent a message to all attending – “When times gets tough, you get tougher and show what family and friends can do when called on in times of need.” Including the night of the event, to days, weeks, aprom2nd months leading to the event, Ms. Haynes never held back when she needed to ask something, suggest something, or add something to make the event the best possible night. Despite so many aspects in her life with various events AND obstacles and hardships thrown her way, you were able to see through the window that shows the real Ms. Haynes from beginning to end of this event. It was a testimony to her commitment to those around her.

There is no service or group I would want to do any event except for this service.  Patience, communication, trust, and reliability were just a few expectations that are guaranteed when you plan with her company of planners, designers, and make it happen group.  Lights, centerpieces, the throne for King and Queen with amazing tapestry, and MUCH MORE – there are no words to be able to describe the depth of success Simply Elegant Linens & Designs provided.  The ability to survive life with all the tumultuous turns that are thrown in the path, cannot be better exhibited than as through how the Haynes family continued to show through the prom, as well as how they remain able to come through when needed, this prom was a perfect example of how individuals learn to carry on through the toughest of times.  

There are many many more testimonies and post excerpts that follow giving credit to this year’s Wooodbridge High School Prom, but it is fitting to stop right here tonight and allow the success of the prom to this first group – share its own post before moving on to more.  Thank you Simply Elegant Linens & Designs for telling your story of beauty, strength, expression, creativity, family, and communication through your beautiful work at May 4, 2019’s WHS Prom.  Prom could take on involving the community we live in to a higher degree rather than just simply being an event – something I hope that continues into the future with many more things we do.  Royal truly took on a new definition in the course of a year in seeing so many amazing people step up and work together as a community.


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