Assembling the Ensemble of Art

48263106_10155847503401003_720369550020837376_oCertainly if you did not notice the number of posts, that even five, six, or seven is not enough to acknowledge the details that you really, truly, could walk away with and from, if you paid close enough attention to. I have realized this years later, in coming back to art I would see in museums in Mexico and a voice saying, ‘Why not go back?  Check out if you might have missed something just for the fun of it” and sure enough, there always is more.  

That was so satisfying with WHS’s production of Annie, there was always more worth going back for and more that escaped the first witness.  In looking at the star packed Ensemble, you might not have heard in the last few posts mention of Billy E. – but have NO FEAR!  There was plenty to remark on with these two characters –

 Asst. dog Catcher – Billy E. – Let me tell you, you would not want anyone else to play the Dog Catcher and Asst. Dog Catcher EXCEPT for Kaleb and Billy.  These two are characters of emotion and expression in their own right – and as low key as Billy might seem to be, his humor and quirky reactions are priceless.  First he is a dog catcher, then personifying Santa Claus, then a Marine (fitting) and amid the changes of all the scenes – amid helping every single person and many assistance moments needed with moving props on and off, and supporting the presence of Amaya and making her feel part of the cast – Billy’s role was a welcome site each night.  It was enlightening to see his concern with the details of his costumes every time he began to approach the stage and sure enough, the care he did pay to details made their way to every moment he added to Annie each night of practice and performance.

When you add all this amazing level of independence, interdependence, elevation of the themes of respect, charity, hope, discovery, perseverance, to name some of the many themes there for the taking, anyone that has been part of a stage crew or technical crew knows, the tech is the mech that keeps it all going.  Mid South Audio was supportive and solid, and you knew the show would go on thanks to their influence.  Tammy Williamson insuring the best would always be in the spotlight, Carson Williamson and Alonzo Dixon supporting the characters and Tammy’s lead, Tori Szabo-Block, Jaycie Kerrick, all making sure backstage activities happen and facilitate the great show everyone witnessed, Josh Dickson and Darren Todd insuring an Annie set was created from the very beginning along with Macree Workman, the solid advice and building design advice from Craig Malloy, the solid support from day one from Sharon Workman, Slaye Workman, Butch Lord, Dawn Lord, and you KNOW you have to say, the pit and talents of the Annie Musicians:

Stacey Hartman, Terry Stewart, Kevin van Syckle, Derek Dillman, Jillian Laasko, Erica Stine, Arthur Henry, Kaitlyn Gretencord, and Joshua Getka, yes.  Absolutely yes, witrh the music that was able to time itself with the emotions and themes that needed to reach the audience, and you have a production NOT AFRAID to reach above the stage and into the audience on many levels.

As if you needed to know, the direction, advice, suggestions, and expertise of Jolene Workman and Danielle Jones? – There are words you can often give to guide the right emotions, lines, vocal directives and more, that is needed but certainly the WAY those all comes across end in the results you receive.  The analogies, the awesome ways that these two motivate the cast and total crew before, during, AND AFTER – there is a reason why there is magic on and off the stage, and nothing more needs to be said when you see that magic that occurs from beginning, during, and after.

annie 1.JPGThere was one final test that was sure fire the minute I walked among the cast.  The sense that humans have yet to master as much as the canine.  the second my canines came amidst this cast, Wriggley, Dane, (Who can forget Dane’s walk on and YES I am IT runway stint?!) and Amaya, they did not want to leave.  They were a little shy which is always their case but without hesitation, all three canines and the rest of the practices Amaya, knew miles away when she was getting close and after a few days needed to be around the cast.  Her sense of what was happening before, during, and on the set was DOG GONE right ON – and the way the cast welcomed her into the middle of all the action – it was pure magic.  Believe it or not, there is MUCH more to say about WHS’s Annie production, and most will simply have to be content that the cast of Annie was able to bring the true emotions and feelings of the holiday to so many individuals.  That becomes the true magic of the gifts Annie gave to everyone. 




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