The Past and Present Today

It might have been over seven years ago, but it is still fresh in our memory – Dewey the library cat made it to ASF in Mexico City, travelled to the United States and each day shows how her tolerance to then one dog, Kinah, then as the brood grew to two dogs, then 2 cats, the finally a total of three dogs, Dewey exhibited patience, not all the time, and tolerance most times amid some days of total chaos and some days of complete bliss. I do believe Sarah Rude, was responsible at the time, an Econ instructor that happened to somehow come across Dewey.  Would like to rehear her process of discovery.  I will try to followup on that – so stay tuned.

The day that Dewey was brought to the library certainly was a kitten with no eyes open, wet from being rescued, and thanks to the extreme kindness of individuals around her, survived.  Elaine figured out how to bottle feed and set up students to come in and bottle feed Dewey, Dewey became quite comfortable in the library and thrived.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.35.05 PM.png

Bottle fed from the scanner cradle, that helped juggle alot of things at the same time, and looking at this blog, it seems unreal Dewey was this small – ever.  Time and crazy events have surrounded her, and it reminds me of how many cats and dogs needed and still need homes, in Mexico as well as in the United States. 

I am excited to be a part of the Strut Your Mutt walk with our three canines, and realizing that what Best Friends does for animals is priceless.   I also realized it is a good lesson to help each of us advocate for organizations, legislation, events, and possibilities that will help care for all animals across the world increases, no matter dog, cat, bird, marine and so many more!


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