Precipes to Conquer.

There are so many precipes that present themselves.  What are yours?

I am continually surprised by what life offers for the taking.  Or maybe what I feel needs to be taken as if an offer might be taken away.  This stemmed from my own personal motivations – each of us have many.  years ago I lost a dear friend, a close friend who wrestled with depression and ultimately ended his life – despite many long nights of reassurance – and it you can imagine – and that pushed me to feel as if I was responsible for leading a life not just for me, but for Dave.  I wore the shorts he had in my runs and I improved every single 5k, every single 5k, and it seemed to be a message and a reminder.

I have a tradition I pass onto seniors ever since my Dad left my family unwillingly – and he left such a legacy among us, that I leave this message with every single individual that touches another in some way.  My Dad touched so many,  in so many secret and public ways, another obligation internal grew inside me, and I felt if I was to carelessly ignore any moment that something could be turned into something else, I was not to be the one to miss that opportunity.  The lives I felt I needed to lead for Dave and my Dad just became a natural part of my being, again thanks to the legacy left behind from these two important individuals occur.  My brother Randy fought a fought so bravely and when I was grateful enough to move back to the states and see my dear brother before he left, I felt even more responsibility added to not take anything that so many individuals might take for granted in life.

When I came to Seaford High School in Seaford, Delaware, I fell into a rhythm that I did not exist – and Coach Vince Morris was there as he was there for so many of us.  Internally, externally, everywhere.  I remember the one single memory of Jackie and Vince, the story I always tell, perhaps the hottest day I can remember and Coach Morris and Morris (both) were out repairing a batting cage in the middle of the athletic fields of Seaford High.  It as so humid and hot that there was haze that made it almost appear as a mirage.  it reminded me Vince was there through the hot and cold, his life and Jackie’s life have always been a testament to weather through anything that occurs.  I STILL remember being in Mexico City, daily encountering what I would call the “Moctezuma Stairs” above the Observatorio metro, over 180 stairs that, at the top, no matter how many times you encounter, make you winded and breathing HARD – with a view on the clearest day of the volcanos and mountains that is breath taking. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 2.55.10 PMI remember in the middle of when I would feel I had nothing to give, I heard Coach Morris in my ear, saying “if I could I would” and it pushed me up and forward without hesitation every single time.

When we had the Vince Morris and Dr. Betts 5k on May 13th – there were some amazing standouts that make this not a normal or ordinary 5k.  One – having the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy as a co producer of this event says alot about what the NRWC stands for and tries to do in a community that has so much potential.  But it made me look outside of our community by having entrants from Texas, Johns Hopkins and more – it shows that countrywide, it is vital and important to create events that bring individuals in from outside our own familiar communities so we can open our minds and bodies to the possibilities that are communities – within and outside. I am shocked at how many people are unaware of what the NRWC, The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch, or the other aspects of Seaford, lower Delaware, or Delaware itself are.  We have alot to do.  Then add the interested parties that believe in events that bring a tight, local community to those in the community and without.  These businesses and community members walk the walk and go the extra mile (so to speak) to make sure Coach Morris, Dr. Morris, and Relay for Life do not go beyond the scope of memory- ever:

ASAP Printing for the tough Bluejay Design that iconically represented all there was to know about Coach Morris and Dr Betts

Betts & Biddle for spreading the word and representing an event that brings out the best of everyone just as Coach Morris and Dr Betts have done.

Cory Darden – He always stops by and always supports – he had a gig this day and STILL stopped by and checked to see what was needed – priceless.

Covey’s Car Care for providing new, innovative metal signage for such events as this

Hungry Howie’s and Rita’s under the care of Craig Dimes who ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS goes the length for community events that tie individuals together

Crown Trophy who always sweeps in and provides the exact details needed

Delaware Correctional Industries who helped insure budgeting would not be a factor to allow this event to occur

Invista that provides the clear path of mowing and maintenance to alow such events at Chapel Branch

Nanticoke Hospital that came to the defense of such an event and to get the word out to so many

Michael Betts LPMH who always was on hand to bring the trail up to par with repairs and additions

Ms. Betts who ALWAYS generously donates to this event to allow its continuance

NRWC for representing all that is good and possible in a community, create new trails, clear obstructions off the trail, and work tirelessly to educate the community about the treasures in the Seaford community’s own backyard

Pizza King in Seaford who again always stands behinds events that help tie a community together

The Seaford Florist to NEVER fails to provide flowers to the mothers and daughters of this event and symbolize what a community means to everyone involved.

The Seaford Star who always take space and time to commit to getting such community events out that bring the possibilities to the front pages.

Sherman for always providing portable restrooms that top off the requirements for such an event

As you can see, events like these so not just happen by themselves, and believe it or not, there are STILL loose ends happening with this event that are still happening.  Individuals have requested

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.00.09 PM.png

 shirts that go towards the funding of this event, ( –

but a final report will still be coming on this after we receive the final shirts (we keep adding logos to all the supporting individuals responsible, so hang in there more is coming about times, participants, the amazing trophies, and more!

Finally, traveling to Lums Pond on Thursday,

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.01.32 PMand being a part of a new group of graduating 2018 seniors was simply amazing. Amazing because this park is the epitome of organization, nature, collaboration, as well as community.  In less than a year, a group of seniors learned to come together to support each other and also accepting me and I had to stop and ask – How did I not know these amazing individuals a year ago?  That is the most amazing thing about being able to push yourself to experience other communities, other countries, other neighborhoods, and change your perspective continually, it opens your mind, your world, your life.  I was the lucky one to be among so many gifted individuals.  From encourage each other when our knees were knocking and trembling on the zipline, the climb up over 50 feet in the air, you realize how much the outdoors, our community, our neighborhoods, give the chance to for each of us to learn how to live for ourselves, for each other, and for others. I was in my glory as long as I surrounded myself with individuals and organizations as these.

I still carry lives of others with me for personal reasons and it becomes easier to reveal these personal inspirations when you are surrounded by individuals that need inspiration and give it at the same time.  Yet, this all depends on the willingness to be inspired, to put in a hard day’s work or even that might not be the most popular – but the realization –

the most meaningful moments are not about popularity or numbers, they are based on the deeper inspirations that remain in our heart and keep us going.

I love I still learn so much every day from this life, but this comes from the lives I propel myself forward for in my past and the lives that are our present and future.  There is so much to improve and represent, and we can pass that onto others by our involvement and activity.   

I stood on precipes ziplining in Mexico and my heart beat like CRAZY – standing among some of the best students I never knew existed in Mexico, students everyone in the world should know.

I found myself among paths that Coach Morris had nurtured, cared for, and nurtured and felt at peace like nowhere else – even in another country.

I stood on precipes ziplining in Delaware and my heart beat like CRAZY – standing among some of the best students I never existed in Delaware, students everyone in the world should know.

What is your precipice?  Who will help you over them?  I am excited to see as well – and am grateful for the bridges so many lives have provided.  Lives motivate me,  What motivates you?


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