Embracing the “Bear”

Wow – listening to the podcast – about childhood trauma – this past weekend.

What Do Asthma, Heart Disease And Cancer Have In Common? Maybe Childhood Trauma

Major connections and flashbacks occurred.

Recently discussing with friends yesterday about the differences between some high schools and the trauma that some students experience every day and some not at all.  I sensed the neediness of students from how they had to be so close to me – within an arm’s length constantly, and how exhausting that can be over the course of a day.    But realizing this is amazing – it changes you as a teacher, Media Specialist Librarian, Administrator, facilitator, etc..   The moment when a student puts a head down, seems exhausted, wow, this is a whole new spin on why these actions occur, and a whole new spin on how discipline and delved out and why, allowing that space for a room where students can discuss, talk out, and reflect on things that might be getting in the way, and how it can be dealt with when they feel they have no control.

The connection to the Trauma Summit we had  – MANY underlying themes involved – changing how we deal with the stress we feel and the stress we see every day in students, I realize what a change it is to create an environment where students feel safe and they can let their guard down, to deal with these issues, and how different schools need to recognize the different needs of their populations.

The existence of recognizing the advent of ACES and what it means if left unattended, for both students and teachers – this is becoming even more vital in today’s age.  That post I made at the start of school still sticks with me.

Of course, even the simple act of being a mascot – it had its lesson that travelled over to all areas of education – still true. 

Education today is so different of a vehicle, and when we were told we needed to be flexible as educators, I only took that as being adaptable to the diverse needs of the classroom.  What I still am learning is finding alternative ways to bypass paper necessities to get to the student – and having education be presented in diverse strategies to meet the daunting needs of students, as victims of a stress and trauma rich world. That makes education, and teaching, an art.  Hopefully we will continue to see government recognize it that way.  However, recognition of that, specifically Media Specialist Librarians, is important for Media Specialist Librarian to be proactive in making sure all individuals, even the students, realize their role for change.








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