The Golden Globes, Awards Not Included.

The GLOBES! (Glorious Love of Beings Especially Socially?)

No, actually they are just the 75th annual Golden Globes,  and honestly, I never really watch the whole show, nor wanted to.

This year was different.

I am a social media guru, I love the connections that exist between education and social media, the good and the bad, and this year, for obvious reasons, it seemed to, The Golden Globes might actually have some merit and something valuable to say.

I am glad I thought so and decided to check in.

Seth Meyers was GREAT.  His monologue, it just worked.  Even NPR was discussing how difficult it would be to dance around the elephant in the room, (actually, ELEPHANTS). His quips about who was a stable genius, – HYSTERICAL, and “Hilary Mexican Salad Association”, comment?  Also, HYSTERICAL

The impressive aspect about the Golden Globes was even though there usually is some type of theme or movement, never before did I witness the attendance of individuals representing a common united cause, that were not necessarily stars known for their movies or films, but for their movement towards a social cause that made them starts.  This was MORE than a collection of stars saying they alone were doing something, they involved the very members of a movement such as Times Up to send ripples that equality for women, and men, in a business arena, is everyone’s concern. 

Since it had been known for days before this event (weeks) this this would contain the attire of black as well as attending members that represented the start of this movement, it saddened me that no words or comments or tweets were made by our president cabinet on this topic.  Much was said AFTER The Golden Globes, but here was a prime opportunity for the American leader and government to support this initiative BEFORE the event, and nothing.  Nada.   Lots of comments afterwards by Ivanka in support, but again, it seemed to be much taking credit for issues that happened after others set the path.  This spoke volumes to me about the sincerity and honesty of such comments but also showed me the power of peolle are much more powerful than agendas of the rich and elite when individuals want it to count,  that is a powerful lesson in itself.  The Movement is POWERFUL and IMPORTANT, but the ACTION to followup these initiatives is even more important.

I liked that HFPA was also a huge part of the night and again, Seth Meyer’s comments were so appropriate with the reactions of the President and news as of late.  A homerun on Seth Meyers’ part. “During the telecast, HFPA announced $2 million in grants to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the Committee To Protect Journalists.” – 

I was elated, shocked, and sad to only have learned about the life of Recy Taylor from her death.  There is MUCh we need to change above news coverage in the United States in lieu of this tragic loss and unknown history.

I loved,  LOVED the speech given by nominated actor, Sterling K. Brown, get this


-to me that seems incredible this being 2018 and LONG LONG overdue.

But listening to Barbra Streisand who received the first, and only, best director award as a woman – that was 1984.  Her point that it is now 2018 and still no female best director since – it seems crazy to me too.  Ridiculous.

His speech stating  he appreciated “…Being seen for who I am and being appreciated for who I am…” spoke VOLUMES and represented the night well. When he said that it “…makes it that more difficult to dismiss me or anyone that looks like me.”  LOVED LOVED LOVED this night, amazing.

Literary connections ruled when The Handmaid’s Tale won, and I loved the comment when The Greatest Showman won and it was stated this is showing that musicals on the big screen again mattered.  I thought of all the opportunities that exist that allow some amazing stories to be told in a musical format, and what that can hold for the future.

Of course I was excited that Coco won best animated feature film and  Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro won for The Shape of Water, .

Was it amazing to see Kirk Douglas – yes, this was shocking to see him.  First, that he is 101 years old but on top of that, had been accused of raping Natalie Wood and on such a night of solidarity, I was disappointed in this move.  I would have chosen to bypass the recognition of Kirk Douglas on this evening, so of course, there is disappointment in any event, at some point.

However, the speech that Oprah Winfrey gave after receiving the Cecil B. de Mille Award it blew the roof OF THE HOUSE, as well as the world, as well as the introduction from Reese Witherspoon.  Oprah said everything you would have hoped would have come from the mouth of a president of a country, and then some, and that never has.  Bringing together people as a world occurred one single speech,  based of a lifetime of doing so through action in doing so. 

Embracing diversity, the working class, the middle class, and tying to an upper class, and addressed emotion, empathy, and establishing role models for young women individuals of diversity in all backgrounds.  She recognizes the strength, and the weaknesses of the press but does not chide them.  Her devotion to the truth is more valuable and emphasizes the value of speaking the truth in the midst of repercussions that might occur.  Her emphasis to know Recy Taylor hit home and to the heart. 

Her statement to all young girls, boys and society that, “A new Day is on the Horizon” – is powerful and should have been spoken already ahead of time from leaders of our country, but what is even more important – is the action that each of us as individuals have the ability, every day to override the dark aspects that government often feels that can hand down overriding individual voices- it can’t happen as long as all individuals take this ownership seriously and act on it. It doesn’t to feel supported as many of the individuals at the Golden Globes made many feel.

To see the incredible nominations from the 75th Golden Globes you can check HERE  I love the fact that the Golden Globes does give you a list of to check out items that you may not have seen while keeping the speeches in mind as you watch them to remind you what the productions symbolize in real life.

 What I realized that this particular Golden Globes represented what might be missing in so much of the world, but what can appear when we want positive changes to occur.  This was a powerful POWERFUL night, awards not included. 

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