PAVEing the way Towards ACtions Needed Behind Sexual Harassment ACcusations

Okay – let’s review the obvious.  Yes there has been rapid -fire calling outs of those long overdue that have been able to get away with countless unequal acts of discrimination and it seems the Harvey Weinstein stimulus event started it all and ever since so many have been added to that list and yes, I think this is just the beginning.  There also on the past has been a huge underestimating the power of women and their contributions, such as Hedy Lamarr.

The other day, in lieu of this wave of changes in so many spotlights, I thought there has been a revelation and freeing of discrimination going on behind the scenes, which is overdue of course, but little had been suggested for solutions.  This is the case on many fronts but little suggestions for solutions or a path forward has been suggested.  I thought of this as I overheard a article/podcast  on Hedy Lamarr  –   who?  That question, to me, became a solution.  One HUGE problem has been there have been SO many women that have been pioneers in so many areas, are ONLY being discovered NOW, and there is a wealth of need to discover the prominent women that have indeed been HUGE influencers of invention, ideas, and innovation. 

In lieu of so many defying code of ethics for so long, it is vital BOTH men and women go back and redefine the power women and men, together, can have with EQUAL recognition of their talents and abilities.  Hedy Lamar was a HUGE popular actress but a MAJOR MAJOR intelligent woman who was responsible for the Secret Communication System, securing information from enemies.    

Using power to protect, reform, and change the world for the better is such a dramatic push instead of associations that strive to fame and looks that lead to discrimination and taking advantage of another.  If I have tried to do anything for my students, it has been to empower the most meek individuals, the less represented as is often blamed on the PIPELINE, and contain students who think they have little or nothing to offer, (often in minorities as well) and to offer them a chance to find their niche and love it, and use it to better the world.  I like this look at Silicon Valley’s diversity in what is know as the Pipeline,  As educators – that should be one of one sole focuses – so any profession can find a way to promote the same in others rather that hurt others or prevent them from finding that niche.

It is SO powerful a symbol in Hedy Lamarr, and countless other women alone, that have existed through the ages unknown that have furthered aspects of our society.  it is time we used this period of revealing injustices to offer solutions and justices that can help us move together as a country and world, and reveal the histories, the solutions, and the promise of abetter future to move on from this and not be stuck revealing in the injustices that have existed for so long.

Today at 8PM we will be discussing one particular platform that begins that road to offering Solutions to the issues in front of us, and I hope this is one of many paths that will begin to reveal themselves as ways the country can begin a process of promoting better practices for a better future.


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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