Two Distinct Voices Pushing the Possibilities…

There are many things that you often think about AFTER Thanksgiving and can be thankful for – three distinct experiences stand out to me and I am sure these will joggle some memories each of you might have.

Roughly over a month ago, when I was going CRAZY rushing around establishing support from local businesses for the Woodbridge 2017 Homecoming Dance, I stopped in at T.S.  Smith  & Sons Farms. Famous apple cinnamon donuts, awesome dried Kiwi, amazing tomatoes, and dropping off a thank you letter for the use of a trailer for the Homecoming they provided for us for the Homecoming parade.  What was amazing was everywhere I went across town,  and ran into students, past and present, and seeing them all part of the very establishments and community businesses that support so many student activities here, wow.  That fact alone is awesome to see, is rare except in some small towns, and love that I realize and see this in action in Delaware where identities of students and the family businesses still support each other, their local schools, and their local events.

Then I stopped at The Teacher’s Cupboard , 26380 Seaford Road Seaford, DE 19973 in Seaford, Delaware. WOW.  Amazing place, and I remember this educator’s supply store from when I was first starting teaching in Seaford, and it was 100% comforting to see this establishment still here with the advent of so many competing educator supply stores, and yet, this unique and personalized educator’s supply store is PREMIER in personality, uniqueness, and gifts to provide an educator for Christmas

.  The manager, Karen Bradley, is amazing and we talked for awhile.  She manages a school beside the Teacher’s Cupboard, but mentioned a few times no one is interested in the supplies they have, and I felt awful if that was truly the case. The teacher’s Cupboard is just a magic store of educational ideas, and if you know a teacher, or can support this business in any way, you should without hesitation.  You can call and make an appointment, and I found myself not wanting to leave the conversation we were having about education, as well as leave the comfortable feeling of being surrounded by so many supplies for all thing education. She without hesitation helped donate a gift certificate to the 2017 HEROn 5k for November 25th, and despite feeling she is falling into the category of being forgotten by people at large, opened her heart.  I hope you will visit this amazing store and manager as well.

Finally, one of the best before a 5k moments happened today while visiting The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch.  First coming down after tracking the one mile route for walkers, I saw someone who looked vaguely familiar, and sure enough, Mr. Ken Covey, walking the perimeter and checking the grounds prepping for tomorrow, as well as donating a service certificate for the 5k registrants.  As I continued to walk, I came across two abandoned tents/shelters, which I took down and dragged to the entrance, and on the last leg came across Mr. Bill Beiser, (Class of 1947) and turns out, a local legend and then some of marathons (1978) and Chapel Branch..  When he told me he was 89 years old, I fell over, he looked every day the age of 60 tops.  We small talked and learned we both had become familiar with Mexico, and he knew of the Vince Morris trail at Chapel Branch before most people even began to walk and run it – on top of knowing Coach Vince Morris, as well as knowing Coach Perciful, and being one of the first marathon resident in the Seaford area – he is an amazing individual.  I promptly invited him for tomorrow’s 5k, and wondered at how great a day it was that we were standing there in Chapel Branch, reminisced about some amazing history involved the trail itself, and Heroes that kept that history alive.  Hence the 2017 HEROn 5k Run/walk tomorrow.  Not a bad way to start the pre prep journey, and much to be thankful for!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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