It Comes Out To Shaking Things Up…

As my usual weird routine, return from school – exhausted, and hit the bed and I am OUT. O U T.  Wake up at weird times at night, usually right around 11:20 PM, and stay up for the time I wished I would have spent after school, but needing the mental break (yeah me, needing the mental break).

Perspective is everything.  In talking with my Former Repentino. Editor in Chief Sam Kim this evening in making arrangements to get a letter of recommendation to her in South Korea, an earthquake of maximum magnitude hit and rumbled even stronger than the 7.8 to Mexico City, stronger even than the 1985 earthquake.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.04.37 AMand my heart plummeted.  In light of when the worst occurs and realized how STRONG and how much conviction so many close friends I have all over the world, and living in Mexico I was able to value so much of what I thought I did, but now to an even higher degree.  I touch based tonight with dear students and friends now in Chicago, Canada, North and South Carolina, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, and ten other locations, and within ten minutes, the friends I made in Mexico, and from other countries before me, is a testament to what a group of amazing individuals can do to change things for the better.  The aftermath of Harvey, the devastating results of Irma, are eye openers and chances to show how a country made up of individuals from outside the U.S as well as within, make a country a true country.  This lesson needs to be taught to so many individuals that represent the United States, and I think living abroad for even one year, let alone six years changes the perspective for anyone in that respect.

Many people ask me how the new job is.  It is uniquely strange in this fact, within the first day, I was getting questions I received after a year in Mexico, and the students and I have become close in conversation in record breaking time.  The odd thing is, this is not because of me, but the way I have been influenced from so many personable students, colleagues and friends I was lucky enough to be surrounded by for so long.  In fact, during a Focus, (like Advocacy) group session today, while walking about the long shelf-life of videos that are posted and to be wary of what is posted today in video form, I used this little gem as an example to show how long videos last:


Not one of my most stylish methods of videomaking (we made this in less than an hour including planning to make a video contest on healthy food) – but guess what?  I realized the students, colleagues, and friends around make continue to make me resistent to so much negativity and able to do anything I need to do, and oddly enough when bad things occur, we are SO so SO equipped to handle it based on the fortitude and quality of people we let surround us.

There is so much ugliness presented amid so much tragedy, and yet, each of us, as we spread out to so many diverse areas, have a chance to counter the far corners of the world and battle for the common good, and still be united.  That is an amazing thing to see how things can actually come together, ‘and I think it is yet to be realized how powerful that can be and change things until we actually out our voices, actions, and abilities to counter  so much that is bad, to change it for the better.  As we learn this, we grow slowly stronger and united thanks to the experiences we have grown together through.

Woodbridge High School is an amazing place for so much opportunity, and there is so much talent not being capitalized on yet I see in the young people around me.  Plans to host authors in collaboration with ASF, lans to hold an Open Mic on collaboration with Open Mics in Mexico, Battle of the Bands

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.37.47 AMpossibly resurrected for the common community good, is there any doubt what good people, libraries, educators, students, and whole countries can do when they work TOGETHER instead of acting individually?  Get ready to be shown.  Exciting things in the works thanks to exciting individuals that are waiting for the chance to shine, all right in the middle of times deemed to be depressing, difficult, and challenging.  


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