Second Day of “Life is a Highway Feeling”…

Although the second day, awaking after a first long drive night and groggy awakening to an early, damp, wet day- honestly the first day my nerves began to settle down a BIT, after being on the road.  “Operation animal exit” was in place as it was early, and most people were still asleep, so I rounded the cats and god up one by one into the truck, their crates, etc, and overall, no one was hysterical, no one was overly ridiculous in emotions, and they were major agreeable.  

Amazing how fast already they seemed to be used to their crate, let alone the idea of traveling in a vehicle and yet, I thought how cool it would be to have them now used to ride in Delaware as we saw the countryside, so maybe this was all a means to the end.  I remember back in Mexico, on the first day, oil additive was accidentally added to the fuel of the Mountaineer, so now, the vehicle was suffering the effects of this additive in the wrong area, and knew when I got home to Delaware, I would have to see about straightening out that issue to get the idle back to anything normal.  Not great to drive when the vehicle was suffering under those conditions.

Having the advantage of being close to Dallas, moreso than the border of Mexico, as I took off and made my way to Dallas, the bridges and open highway opened up – and I began to enter Arkansas.  I didn’t really know much about Arkansas, but I did know it reminded me of Georgia, beautiful lined trees along the highway, and overall a definite pleasant view of going through Arkansas leading to Tennessee.  My long term goal was to make it to Tennessee, and really, I hoped to see my cousin in Tennessee, but she was very very long away from Memphis, and hence, I realized later, much further from my route and Delaware, that it wouldn’t happen.   Turns out, being in the same state does not mean close proximity – although many feel that is the case.

I found myself in a sticky situation, the check for the payment of the house, had been turned in and I realized the money had not been placed in the bank to cover the check, VERY BAD.  I high tailed it to the nearest McDonald’s, no kidding McDonald’s saved the day – I was able to get WIFI on my phone, contact Intercam, expressed the importance of this transfer happening asap, and between Intercam and my Tidemark Federal Credit Union, we would have the funds there within in day.  Hands down, I have tested Intercam (by accident) from a distance and they have always saved the day and come though for me, this by far, for me, has been the best service for getting funds back and forth when I have needed it. Francis and Alejandro at Intercam have been life savers – on the road, in other countries, and then some, so this added to the stress of things you do not want to stress about, at least for me, on this second day- was a relief.

I wish I could say something REALLY stood out this second day of traveling, yet, uneventful was GREAT, and it was.  Listening to the music, reflecting on how much has happened so suddenly, reflecting on the last night of getting many together at Porco Rosso and seeing a connection between familiar and new individuals coming in, that in itself was satisfying to see occur.  I think that is more effective than simply a way to say goodbye, but a way to introduce hellos and goodbyes to individuals to continue a process of enjoying an area, as well as an experience.  As the roads of Arkansas unfolded, I really enjoyed this almost what seemed at times, “forced” initiative to move in a different setting, but I can’t deny had had good feelings about it all around, despite not wanting to leave.

Tips I found so far for transporting so many animals – be methodic.  It made sense to put the cats in their crates first, to avoid the dogs clamoring at them when I was doing so, in front of the dogs, in the truck.  That doesn’t make sense – let the cats have as much peace of mind, and transfer – quietness before the dogs are brought into the scene.  Let the cats have water, litter, etc before the dogs enter to vehicle so they can eat, drink, etc if they want to.  I was happy to report like only 1-2 accidents in the crates, and that was at the beginning because it was new for the cats.  After that, as long as I provided time for quiet for the cats involving eating, water, (water does not stay while while driving) and litter, they would use it if they felt they were given their space and time to do so and not being like hurry hurry hurry.  No messes ever with any of the dogs, and I am sure that was due to the dogs being sometimes used to long days, but still building short stops among that. The dogs became good at the door opening, saying “Come on!” and they knew to jump in.  I have a back seat that folds down to make a large back space as well as of course folding up.  Folding up the seats, and tucking bags of cat and dog food in the floor space, wedged between the seat then covering up with blankets so the dogs can actually be lying on the full back seat was great – it allowed easy access to food for both cast and dogs but it also to “disappear” and allow more space for the dogs to lie down and rest. I found making the best out of space and trying to find dual ways to use all spaces for items and for things you will need to stop for was the winning combination to this travel success.

Ironic, in looking back at receipts used during this day’s voyage, the main one was a purchase for Aveeno hand creme.  Laughing, I realized the days of scrubbing and disinfecting the areas, walls, and painting at my apartment in Mexico, took a toll on my hands.  Blisters, rash, etc swollen, I think the amount of cleaning I did, took its toll of taking all nutrients out of my hands, and overall, Aveeno was the only one that seemed to bring relief, bit somewhere I think I knew I was going to have to seek some meds eventually.  

I pushed as far as I could driving-wise, and contemplating hitting the road again, I declined and chose the Days Inn in Forrest City, Arkansas.  Okay so Tennessee, not Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.58.27 PMexactly achieved, but SO CLOSE- I contemplated making the push into a new state today but was beat, dirty, sweaty, tired.  I was super nervous about Days Inn, as I knew they were pet friendly, but 6 pet friendly?- I went in, paid for a $101.00 USD room (expensive compared to the D & D, but as I saw there were video cameras of the parking lot (made me feel safe) – but wondered would six pets be also wonderfully seen?  This time I was assigned a 2nd floor breezeway, and thought HOW WILL I GET SIX upstairs without being evicted?  I can’t say anything else except, one by one, cats in the bathroom, dogs in the room loving the feel of the bed and rubbing across it, lol Dane taking the seat after I placed a sheet over it, they were glad to be out of the vehicle.  I few barks and I freaked a bit, because one bark okay, one meow and a bark, and another bark? – you get the idea.  At one point, I was so exhausted, I just thought, what will be will be, and as I fell asleep, no raps on the door asking about an excessive number of pet, and still feeling the stickiness of humidity trailing us from Texas, I cranked the air conditioning and was thankful for a second day of rest and distance.  Tomorrow, ultimate goal was to clear Tennessee, Virginia, and forge home into Delaware, albeit a long long drive.






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