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February 10, 2017.  It has been a long time since I have written. So much to have processed in the last few days, weeks and months and now, it is ready to come out!

So I am going to implement the see- saw approach spill out where I am now, then switch to where I left off pin the next post when I returned from the last leg of my Christmas Break (yeah, it has been THAT long!)

Arriving in Houston for the IB training for Levels I and II, I was excited as I have always hovered on the edge of being involved in IB, but not quite jumping in all the way.  Much to look forward to.  I love the fact that in two hours I am at my final destination, and as I lifted off un the AM and landed in the AM (STILL!) this was a new experience daylight still and on a plane from take off to landing!  LOVED!

I like the openness of the airport, the feel of being in the states without the dramas occurring in the states, if that makes any sense.  After touching base with those missed already back home, I boarded the Super Shuttle to my Hotel, the Marriott (definitely the way to get here) – booked the return pickup too, then off we were.  

A lot of concrete overpasses and highways spelled out what I was first seeing in Houston – but I figured, there is much much more.  As we cleared towards the city line and the Minute Maid Park came into view,(that sounds so strange)- I began too see Houston sprout up in front of me.

Some slight misunderstandings straightened out at the desk, I dropped bag, ran back out after realizing how amazing these beds would feel, and jumped onto the metro train, grabbed a $1.25 card, and made my way to the Houston Zoo.  Loved HERMANN PARK, LOVED, ad the zoo?  It was one of the most relaxing, beautiful, and awesome experiences I can remember at a zoo.  Loved the cleanliness, the natural habitat and just the overall feel.  Tons of amazing photos and scenes, and overall – this was an excellent choice due to the size of the park and the variety, and care given to all the animals.

Strange thing, the Houston metro train, so so clean and new but the cards.  Seriously, you pay and there is so strict way to check if what you bought is credited – seriously – so an honor system and you could technically get a 5.00 card and never actually asked to swipe it anywhere.  Honor system totally and I was in awe.  (It’s the little things that surprise me!)

Walking to Minute Maid Park and taking in the cool memorials to baseball around the outside is quite worth the visit, even in offseason.  

But all was not over yet – add into the mix the fact that a Theatre District existed, which I wandered to and fell in love with the buildings, fell in love with the Hard Rock Cafe and of course ate there and laughed thanks to a hysterical waitress, and then coming out, I swear it was out of a scene of Hitchcock’s The Birds.  I have NEVER heard nor seen so many birds in the trees, EVER.  The sound was deafening (but cool) and every single branch, TONS of birds!     Literally, hundreds, you have to hear and see it to believe it.  Wild!

The night in Houston is AMAZING when lit up and tonight I was able to see a huge portion of it in the first night.  As I came home and collapsed into my bed, I realized how cool it is to learn a new area without having to give up your own home and love of someplace that sits even bigger in your heart.  I looked forward to what delving into IB would mean at Rice University, glimpses of what I had seen were pretty amazing.



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