When I Said I Do.

Designer carriage, designer leash, designer shoes, too good to go near the garbage bin where the rest of the dog bags are – you know the type.

Quiet, reserved, afraid of a little action between the puppy and an veteran canine, 10 minutes, I give her ten minutes and then her nerves might get cause her departure.

Open, laughing, anything goes, rough and tumble is fine, and the more the merrier, probably needing exhaustion to get a million things that need to be done, just like me.

There is a psychology to being within a dog park, and with the event of simply people watching, you can write a book.  Ever need inspiration, head to your nearest park.  With the amazing makeover of Alexander Pushkin Park, and THANK GOODNESS IT IS OPEN, the dog park within Pushkin, amazing thing have been happening.

Despite the food poison scare where many dogs were affected in Parque Mexico, truly, Parque Mexico is a haven for dogs, the walk from Roma is amazing, the park in Parque Mexico is huge, bordered by bushes, and just – I loved when it opened.  It was perfect.  Almost.  When something beyond food poisoning (and thank goodness that is over!) breaks down the quality of a park, I think attention is needed.

Let’s move to Alexander Pushkin for a minute.  Half the size of Parque Mexico, near Doctores, taking half the time to walk that the dogs usually get to Parque Mexico, how could that be better even with a new facelift?

Cooperation.  Two other familiar faces are always part of every day now as we replace garbage bags, pick up litter within the park, empty garbage to the disposal outside of the dog park, we rake the sand and push sand back into the central part of the dog park, we move mounds of sand to other parts to remove the excess water sitting there, we provide replacement bags into a recycled plastic bottle that another tied to a tree so everyone has access to a bag, we have a supply of bags we bring every time we bring our dogs to the park to make sure there is always clean area and removal of bags, we do this as a community.  What the dog park has lost in size, is growing in the heartfelt cooperation to maintain this dog park that our dogs love even more than Parque Mexico.  At one time there can be almost 15 dogs in one medium sized dog park, and yet, because everyone rolls up their sleeves and makes it an oasis, it works.  

The magic is, none of us, who do not really know each other, abuse the appreciation of using the park.  How many times have I seen people turn up their noes at the piling garbage at the edge of Parque Mexico and walk away?  See the ruts and puddles laying in the middle of the park and doing nothing? – that is a potential to cause a revoultion of working together.  If there is one thing I have learned in the past month?  Doing by example has been contagious and improved morale in our corner of Alvaro Obregon.  So much so, that the feeling of obligation is transcended (now that is a word) to every newcomer, they are there to let their canines have an amazing time, and a silent request is expected of all, do something little to leave this better when you leave.  Every visit I see flaws I have and I learn more about how to be a better person, from a …dog park?  Yes.

IF we, as canine owners, and lovers, begin the same actions in Parque Mexico, a transformation will occur.  While not sandy, the puddles will disappear, the gravel will be spread ut, bags will appear to supplement the overspilling garbage cans, the community will begin to own their park and take pride in coming, pitching in, and growing as a community rather than just an upturned nose and wishing things could be improved.  There is alot of energy in wishing, and not moving & shaking – and can you see the parallel here to life?  Life compared to a dog park?  🙂

As I sit here and listen to a long ago album of Clint Black, titled, Nothin’ But the Taillights, I remember the summer concert at the Starlake Amplitheatre, (call it what you want now, – First Niagara Pavilion – are you kidding me?  – it will always be that for obvious reasons) – and remember how amazing it was to have summer concert nights from the craziness of working at the PA Turnpike, as a clerk at Bilo’s and landscaping.  I was lucky to have amazing friends to celebrate titles on Clint Black’s album like “The Shoes You’re Wearing” and “Something That We Do” – all metaphors STILL today for what you can make your life.  Me first is still a huge factor and does little to build community, yet if we take the friendships, the past, the opportunities to make it US FIRST, big things happen, from taking in the subject of dog parks, working in clubs to make a difference, and using music to reach your inner ability to help others, there is always potential to make your life even grander – and those around you, along with your canines.

I love that Clint Black’s album way, way back, while mirroring marriage in his Sing, When I Said I Do, has deeper implications as well if what we can do for a better change, such is life. Our dogs seem to realize this, so when we begin to do the same, we will truly begin to appreciate what life hands us every single day, and in between, we will find time to enjoy Killin’ Time... 🙂 





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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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