Crane on the Sidewalk

One of the best times is the times I walk my dogs – at night – in the AM, in the quiet of the weekends – time to reflect, contemplate, refresh myself and think about opportunities not yet realized.  If you’re lucky, sometimes you will stumble on things that will challenge you in the midst of despair, frustration, and just when you think you’ve given it your all – voila! – a moment – THOSE are priceless moments!

Crane on the Sidewalk

Crane on the Sidewalk

Walking a windy January night in Mexico

Dogs beside me


what the park has to offer

a crane

or a piece of trash on the sidewalk?

THAT in itself is a personality test/question/indicator

Walk the circle,

come back

shine the light and behold

truly, a crane

from a handed out flyer from one of many

making their living

on how much they take in the AM

and how much the return with in the PM


Of all we see and don’t see in the word around us

We do the right thing to be successful


Never do the “Write” thing to realize who we are

We jump through the correctly placed hoops

And are praised for doing it the way it should be done


Who allows the frontiers to be broken,

Never yet explored?

“I have a dream” uttered,  changed a nation


Dr. King imagined a possibility of freedom

Beyond step one of social segregation

Encouraging the opportunities

Not yet capitalized on to be created

Some of the quietest voices we have

Have the potential to be some of the loudest

We have to just allow the opening

for those to be released

Everyday individuals drive

over the very concrete

that could be bitten, tasted, and discovered

outside of a bullet-proof bubble that

silently takes us back and forth

no risk

no connection

no experience

no chance

of discovering a crane on the sidewalk.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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