Homecoming – ASF Style

Maybe the measure of an amazing night is 2 bottles of water, one bottle of gatorade, 2 waffles, 2 hamburgers, 1 plate of pasta, 5 cups of 16 oz water, 2 hot dogs with onions, 350 ml of manna/betabel/zarzamora/granda juice, but so be it.  This is what comes, with a slight headache, after a Friday and night of Homecoming – the likes I have ever seen at ASF in my four years.

During school you see the occasional football uniforms in the hall, the buzz of it being Homecoming, and it being Sport Day.  Add to this after school a HOST of students, more than I even KNEW willing to put on a successful Homecoming and there were tons to watch 21 Jump Street, then Big Big Love, which was font to hear and see here at ASF, (though I had hoped for more of a crowd for them), then you could FEEL…

…you literally could feel the excitement building as you made you way to the field, the break through banner being created and looking AMAZING, and there it was, the crowds that swarmed and filled the seats, with people hanging of the edge.  THIS WAS HOMECOMING, and the likes of numbers that SHOULD be homecoming. It was a HUGE difference, heck, the ASF Bear also felt it as you could see him with a energy I haven’t seen since, well I can’t remember.  It was perfect. yet, you do need to know the amazing people responsible for this amazing night, MANY:

-Bear Boosters President and Mrs. Payton who carried trough an amazing support for the whole night, from food to raffles to being there for the whole night.

-Student Council and Mrs. Dickson preparing an amazing array of food, snacks, and entertainment in the form of movies, bands, and just the general excitement that spurred many other students to stay.

-The availability and quality food in the form of hamburgers, hotdogs, ice-cream, popcorn, and so much more on the part of Shamus and his wife, and making it seem things mysteriously are there all the time when everyone wants them.

– Mr. Holderman for encouraging and being part of the reason banners, signs, volunteers, and attention is given to the very talented sports of Girls Soccer, Football, Volleyball, and more to come.  He realizes there is a connection between student achievement and supporting the athletes and young academics on and off the field.

– Ms. Gallie for not failing to support the same individuals on and off the field, her children sharing in the night and all willing to give their time to the people that they “live” with day in and day out.

– The admin from Mr. Paul Williams to Upper School teachers, Middle School teachers, Lower School teachers, and Counselors, all that showed they have an investment in the very students that they see in and out of school.

-The workings and planning of the whole staff of Athletics, for bringing the opportunities for people to attend such events, from Mr. Robert Wilson, to the very coaches, athletic trainers, and support staff- from maintenance to the security, that help make a Homecoming just that, Home Coming.  The clean up of the very areas that are populated to the hilt with crowds and then just as empty within hours.

– The parents and alumni that come back to give back their energy, their presence, and their support, we can hear it in their chants, their drums, their participation in the raffles, seeing them alongside the soon to be graduates, it makes the idea of Homecoming become a reality.

-The current ASF students that continue to believe there is more than what happens during school the brings people together – it is good to see among so many past generations that come back to celebrate this.

-The creation of a cheer club that invigorated, spirited, and pushed the excitement and enthusiasm forward, I feel there will be exciting things coming in the future with this group.

So it is true, Homecoming CAN be huge CAN be popular, Can be a true homecoming, all it takes the very spirit that often is hidden under a pile of To-do’s that always remain with us, day in and day out!

Just FYI – the traditional origin and customs of Homecoming – I think that ASF just showed they can crate their own traditions and hold them close to their heart – as the football team and opposing team showed in many ways this evening.


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