Lucy…in the sky…in the air…everywhere…

Many connect Lucy in the Sky to the Beatles, yet, when you see the film Lucy with one of my favorite, talented, intelligent, and sexiest actresses,  Scarlett Johansson, you take away a piece of wonderment with you as well regarding, and contemplating,  your role in the world we take a place in, or not in some cases.

Not knowing any information going into the theatre, Lucy bit into me from the first 10 minutes, and never let go.  One has to wonder once you depart how you can become more in tune with the world around us while we are surrounded by evolving technology that serves to transforms the intimate to the impersonal with so much activity and fanfare over technology making our live “easier.”  Yet, is easier, better?  I have to say, the connections to stories such as The LawnMower Man, The Matrix, and others yet, a simple truth is available.

We can get caught upon going going going, having the newest technology, being in the know with the latest fashion, being on top of the world in our own little sphere, pushing limits faster, faster, faster, being here, being there, being everywhere, and when it comes down to it, it is possible to have nothing at all.  Those moments where you push away the world a little each day, and enable a solitude of thought, memory, and thought to break into a world now dominated by superficial “things”, to experience more than to want and buy buy buy, these are experiences that are priceless and will stick with individuals longer than any IPhone, Iwatch, and the element of “I” or self as well.  When you let the element of life come to you in sometimes the smallest forms, from a laugh with friends, family and close acquaintances, and realize the world of technology and advances will never slow, but you as an individual CAN slow things down to appreciate them more, then I think the true meanings of life do become a part of you more so than always being connected.  The eery implications of what could happen if we tap into our full bran capacity, as well as the amazing presence of Morgan Freeman, all winds up into being action-packed, provocative, and compelling.

Let’s take a sec.  I am being a critic but also the first one to admit how much I rely on technology to reach others, and I do.  I find myself often wrapped into several different technologies at one time, and realize that someones I need to pull back as well to find myself again curled up on a couch, reading, connecting with a good friend though it has been years, and often just the simplest of experiences that help root me back to the very things I treasure most.

So many connections are available and difficult to resist the urge or feeling of a need to always be competitive, always be in the know to be popular, and I took away from Lucy, that once realized, life is a totally different gallery than the one I thought I was strolling through, one made up of close relationships that cannot be priced or valued by the number of Tweets, IM’s, or friends, but by the individual memories that will remain with you beyond the newest gadget coming out on the market.   Lucy?  If you let it, it can become a life-changing experience of what you want life to be, now and in the future.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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