Subtle and Often Missed…but Never Too Late to Celebrate!

As I was walking through Parque Rio last night, it was impossible to hear the sounds of opera emanating as we wound our way through the park for our nightly jaunt.  As I neared, truly, a man and a woman were exchanging parts of some of the most famous operas, and people walking their dogs, with their children, with the significant other, everything came to a halt.

It was perfectly wonderful for a weekend.

Truly, nothing else could stop crowds on the sudden, unless their voices had not been completely mesmerizing.  It was also something you had to reach for, but the usual party, Friday night sounds of acting out and celebrating the end of a week had all but stopped too, it was as if the whole area was celebrating their talent and putting everything else on hold.  It takes much for Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya to stop in their tracks, yet they were completely content to stop and the in what these sounds were that they were so unused to.  I thought, I could not have spent a Friday any better – and without having to make a reservation and appointment, without a ticket 🙂

As we would our way back home out of the park, we passed four men, their faces lit up by the back licking fire out of a wheelbarrow, mixing tar, and to fill in the street, it was a perfect picture had I had my camera with me, the black of dark pushed away from the lively dance of the fire they were feeding. Moments that pass you so quickly often are subtle, yet can touch you so deeply.  As I passed a couple she questioned where I was from and remarked, “You picked a great place, visiting Mexico!” mistaking me for a week or two visitor, and I smiled thinking, I surely did.

We think these thoughts as our staff sifts through and celebrates the many artists that come in and out of Repentino.’s eyes, and realize many artists are chosen by the staff to represent a particular theme, yet, so many more submissions that escape the pages of Repentino. have this subtle whisper to let you not miss the amazing details that surround us every day, and bring back a memory of something long ago that touched us deeply.  We are blessed to have a forum for celebrate the beauty they bring to our doorstep, and we hope you agree. There could be no better gift, and we hope you also sense the subtle beauty that many bright out through so many mediums, priceless in the gifts they provide for our soul and mind!



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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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