Peace talks…

Interesting two words and I never really thought about them.  Peace talks.  I mean, of course the emphasis could be on peace saying THAT talks more than anything else.  Then of course the actual act of talks, that usually occur between political leaders and well, about peace.  Then, I found another definition on my own the other day.

Sitting down, (which rarely happens) and realizing, that I had a chance a priceless opportunity, to literally discuss life, the future etc with one of the ASF graduates, perhaps was one of the single most priceless moments I had following capping, graduation, the whole difficult, yet memorable, yet stressful week.  Literally, just deciding to stop, sit, and talk and enjoy moments with the graduate and the world slipped away.  It was one of the single best moments ever I can recall.  It started something like this…

“How does post graduation feel?”  “Strange, different, scary…”  This lead to from pretty simple to some amazing reflections on traveling to the United States to study and then how one would see Mexico from the United States.  One comment stood out from the others. “I love Mexico’s problems!”  I have to agree.  I had never lived long term in another county BUT the United States.  But for me personally, I find that the urge to push, push, push ahead has slipped away, somewhere along the way, I finally have found the ability to slow things down, see universal. world perspectives more clearly, including how I view Mexico and being IN Mexico, seeing the day to day life and understanding it so much more clearly.  I love my home country but appreciate what Mexico has brought to me in the form of a life and realizing the misunderstandings I had about another country are not the reality at all, this has had a huge impression on me.

I loved to hear this particular graduate knew enough that going to the United States would enhance her skills and knowledge in art, yet, she also realized Mexico was where her heart was.  I could relate because I have fallen in love with Mexico three time over at least, but, also know, I can always go back to visit in the United States and that is a huge privilege to do both.  I see so much heart in this graduate, and potential, and I realized so much of the valuable moments are the moments we take out of a prescheduled day, a scheduled day I would always maintain of a treadmill like pace in the states, and was thankful for this chance to just stop everything and list to how this graduate saw things, felt things, and just wanted to see her country play a role in her future.  Moments like these? Priceless.

I felt so lucky to be have fallen into a situation where I can slow things down to reflect on them, enjoy the company of amazing talent in the young students around me, and have them okay with me being a part of their moving forward.  I am excited and know I am lucky to have been able to see my life change for the netter in slowing things down, but also in being a part of so many talented and rewarding individuals.  It has changed my life in the process for the better, while I take in the amazing life that Mexico has to offer me, and the amazing lives of the students around me.  A good day for sure, where a sense of peace just settled in among and around me.  🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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