Don’t let the moments that define you, fall off the page…

Already it is August 28th, a Tuesday, and before you know it, moments that define you slip away and honestly, at least for myself, the chance to talk, discuss, reflect and celebrate those moments is too important to let go.  I am sure every one has had those moments where they wished they would have written down or recorded their first moment of a cataclysmic event – for me it helps understand how I become the person I am, thanks to the people around me, so no further ado, let’s start from last Sunday…

…Fresh from surgery Kinah was not her usual Sunday self- laying listlessly after her surgery Saturday despot the familiar rattling of leashes indicating the ultimate walking experience outside on a weekend, yet, we trekked on after hugging Kinah, just the pups and I.  Funny it was not the same without Kinah and the puppies felt the same disappointment as we walked what we had to, and no more. Coming back after the walk and meeting Sandra and Susan at Parque Rio de Janeiro for Market 100, we all delved into the amazing richness of what we found, from blueberry crumb cakes, to vegan and vegetarian supplements discovered, to the fresh vegetables that were just being placed, it was exciting to see a general collaboration of farmers as a unified Mercado, endearing ourselves to Rio de Janeiro even more.

After filling our bags halfway, we decided to try the even larger and amazing market, Mercado Sobre Ruedas – and it was all that and more.  After Susan broke down and purchased a cart to carry her stash, and after making our way through countless vegetables, chicken, fruit and more we realized we had enough produce for barely three of us to make it back OUT of the market, yet we did.  I have to say, on the way through the market, I realized how nice  Sunday it was thanks to the fresh produce, the ease of going from booth to booth, an taking in the smells of vegetables, meat, and fruit just for the taking – and as much time as we wanted we could spend, as well as money!

On the way back, Sandra found an artisan who could specialize in specific tables and end tables she needed, then we trekked to the truck and dropped Susan with her stash to her apartment, then Sandra, and then we decided, why not!  Let’s try and extend the Sunday adventure further, by trying to find a strip of furniture stores on the Periferico as advised by Isabella.  I have to say, I had NO IDEA where I was going, at all – yet – thanks to Sandra’s advice, and the Mountaineer being larger than most vehicles on the road, we saw first signs for San Joacquin, then Queretaro, then 1 Cinqo de Mayo, and ohmygosh!  HOME DEPOT!  We stopped there, and I had to grab the Grape Icee!   (It has been ages!) – then – we made our way through many many outlet stores with TONS of furniture!  This was placed in my blog under Lingo and Things to Know since this was a GREAT place for furniture to note!  Thanks Isabel Duque for this information.

I have to admit, that night, after coming back – the day and being able to soak it in was exhausting and I passed out until MONDAY!

Out first full week of school!   Mondays are always hard, and I could tell I was tired, as I headed the wrong way on the Metro, and found myself in Balderas, having to turn around and make my way back to Observatorio – and amid crunches of arms, legs, and elbows, I MADE IT!   (Monday’s are not traditionally my favorite).

I found myself spending the beginning of the week collecting the Staff of Repentino. together, getting them ready for New York with permission slips, deposits, and also getting staff together on Trello – I have to say, the positive energy and excitement we are gathering already makes me ITCH for the year to start, and I know this was the general feeling flowing through returning and new staff as well.  Wow – Wednesday – what a day – At 11:30ish we received an email and then an announcement – we were being released early due to the manifestation, otherwise a HUGE protest that was going to be happening this afternoon, and I am assuming the potential of being in the middle of a violent protest, WE WERE GOING HOME EARLY… what to do on a day early – well glad you asked —  !!!

Wild woman Camila Dever, Upper School Counselor, Lucind Wiser, Sandra Shannon, all skipped town in a cab to COSTCO – and well, we made it in pretty good time! – where we began to explore the need to grab a membership – something happens when I step out with these staff, I spend money in areas that I do not expect – but it always seems to be things that will benefit me later than I do not know – so it is all good – I think   J.  Camila, Sandra, and myself ending up being on one membership, which I am sure will benefit us much later … Or open toe door for more spending…

My main job was finding dog food before I left for the new student retreat, but walked out with storage food containers that I split with Sandra, then I moved onto lunch meat to last me for the next three weeks, add Philadelphia cheese, bagels, bread and we have a little more than we expected – but it should last awhile and secretly I will be saving money.

After the shopping marathon, we realized we were STARVING, so we hit the food court, and another pleasant unexpected event – I have to say we started to discuss what motivated us, what made us happy, and before I realized it, we had shared aspects about ourselves that slipped out as easily as water under a bridge, and before we knew it, we realized the things that made up problems of our past, were just that, bridges of friendship of bad days gone by, and sharing these moments with each other effortlessly.  This is the thing I noticed, when around the right people, and when you feel perfectly at ease, problems are just that, be it the need to be a problem solver, have humor dictate the situation, or be someone that takes you away into new adventures, as well as being young no matter the situations that are dealt to you on a daily basis – when in the right company, anything seems possible.  I am lucky to be surrounded my current and an amazing group of new staff and they make me feel renewed every day – so with the occurrence of early dismissals due to protests, earthquake drills, an incidents of egg tossing (long story) on the first day of school – I realized I could not be experiencing anything and everything with a better bunch of family – and whether they realized it or not, we were becoming a part of the ASF family!  It is impossible to separate family from students as well in some cases, and seriously, HOW LUCKY AM I to have students that feel like family, as well as the new staff, as well as the familiar staff coming back that are there to always get your back?  Luck was the largest understatement of the year!

Yet, the day was not over!  After going two different ways in two different cabs, one to Polanco and the other to Roma Norte, we unpacked out collection of good, did the things we needed to do, and being movie buffs at heart, wanted to take in a film following the norm of dog walking, unpacking Costco good, etc, we began to see the possibilities – Heli, Snow White, Red 2, El Conjuro, what?

Sandra met me with Susan at the theatre, and I just had this inclination to see En Conjuro, a scary film yet something I often did not take in, but I found myself losing SUSAN – she was “tired” (I BELIEVED HER BUT….)…but I am afraid we lost her to the scary film aspect, so we made her promise to come Sunday night to a movie!  (She PROMISED!) – we bought the deal you can get at the theatre that gives you gives free refills, deals to special promotions, as well as other thigns and well because I was with Sandra, and it seems it needed to happen, we both got one, Sandra assuring me that when everyone settles in it will not seem as so many things are going to be purchased, right?

I passed out Wednesday night, got packed, in the AM for the new student retreat and here I am on the bus to Queterao, with the new ASF students!  To be continued!




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