Saturday – a week in a day?

Walking through the Park Rio de Janeiro – and seeing the free clinic for getting cats and dogs sterilized, I was skeptical.  Yet, official vets, official experts, within one hour I found myself with Kinah, phone my friends Sandra and Susan, asking them if they could detour to the Plaza Rio, to help me with getting Kinah and one of my little ones fixed, and yes, NERVOUS.  First I was a public place, and spur of the moment.

Despite the nervousness, Kinah a day later is amazing and even though Sandra and I carried her still asleep down the street back home, and Susan manhandled the two pups back it turned out GREAT!

We made our way to City Market, stopping at a restaurant named Madrilena  (DELICIOUS!) then City Market, then Sandra was able to get back to get her internet and cable hooked up, yeah!, then onto the film The Illusionists, and back and Kinah was exhausted but faring well!

More details of the above to come, but an overview of how much you can see and do in Mexico never ceases to amaze me!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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