Mexico? Mexico…

…about Mexico.  As individuals that study and work here, we often laugh about the stereotypes we had, and our friends have, that are not from Mexico.  I say this as I know what I was thinking when I entered Mexico for the first time, and looking back, now, seeing how easy and relaxing I have it, we always say, “If only people would know…” and some of us are glad may people do NOT know, else we would be losing the best kept secret about being here…:)  However, thanks to friends I came across this slideshow,

Worse places than Mexico for violence

as well as these quotes that help understand the oxymorons that make up Mexico, as well as any other country…In this case the statement was made about Italy, yet we see parallels:

“In every aspect of Italian life, one of the key characteristics to get to grips with is that this is a nation at ease with the distance between ideal and real,” he writes.

They are beyond what we call hypocrisy.  Quite simply they do not register the contradiction between rhetoric and behavior.  It’s an enviable mind-set.”

– writer Tim Parks in today’s NYT.

So yes, the idiosyncrasies reign, yet, we realize that they exist in so many more extreme forms outside of Mexico, most of us are happy with the ones that exist here.  Looking back, I look to see how extremely hard I worked to make a change, and have many of those actions go nowhere.  I have to say, at least in Mexico, I am able to work extremely hard, and have changes occur while having opportunities to relax and also see the fruits of that hard work actually develop in some form.  I’ll take it…;)  And it’s okay if people think I live in a war-torn area plagued by drugs, violence and constant frightening events.  Knowing what I know now, I will continue to stick up for what it is really like here, but glad that everyone does think that as it will keep the flooding of people who realize that is NOT the case as bay and wary – which allows those of us experiencing this amazing area to enjoy it, lol.

IMG_5969On a separate note, I have to say, maybe the best day I have ever spent was yesterday amid graduated students, family and friends of one of my hardest working and energetic students per an invitation from their family for comida at their casa. IMG_5973 IMG_5968It was a IMG_5970beautiful day, and honestly, I have never dined at the same table with celebrities, a famous orchestra conductor, a famous actor/artist, and overall, a family devoted to making a change, it was perhaps one of the best days of my life, and discussing as well the simple things that are necessary despite roadblocks that come up.  I relished the time I have been able to spend with these students and the perks of being let in to share the experiences of their family.  IMG_5984 I am not sure it gets any better than this, and I will be able to retain those memories in my heart to carry me onto the next obstacle…:)   Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.49.24 AM

And finally, Kudos long overdue to a former colleague, Rita Salisbury who was accepted in the Teacher at Sea Program.  Earlier this year Rita joined NOAA on a seagoing vessel Oscar Elton Sette, from April 18th – April 29th, and her blog started here.  I am so proud of Rita and she is one of MANY stories of how students, tied to projects through learning, grab their education and walk away with activities and education that is applicable to life the purpose of education and not state tests, supporting their school (as their school is there to support the students) and what an experience !  Exciting…  🙂

After recovering from my Second Master’s this December, I look forward to the Marine Biology experience that will lead me into my retirement, and this is one of many experiences I’d dream of doing.  Very Very exciting…:)

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