May Day, President Obama, and finishing Library Week!

MAY DAY!  In Mexico!  What dos it mean! Aside from a day of me catching up on sleep, rest, and emails, check the link and you’ll see the deeper significance!

We are running our premiere tomorrow at ASF – after school showing of Perks of Being a Wallflower – fully equipped with all things theatre like! – and our Book swap is growing including some brand new videos that can be swapped for your swappable books – during lunch and brunch only – check it out before some GREAT books get missed for a great swap!  Also, do not forget to stop by Twitter at


and add a line to our short story, we need your entries please!

Also, with President Obama visiting tomorrow in Mexico at the Embassy, everyone, including 10 students from our school attending, are excited.  Yes, I remember that cold day when we skipped class Alison to see President Obama’s Inauguration and were within his seeing distance and how amazing that was…and a friend has also joined in the celebration!  Check this out –

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.00.15 PM


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