Excerpts of something known as….Repentino.

As we are on the last day of the ASF Magazine being edited, ready for publishing, here are some excerpts that come from some of the artwork contained from within:

Editor Camila 

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.’’Louis Nevels

It was called Reflections. Few people knew of its existence and even if they did, they liked to pretend they didn’t. It was a good old-fashioned magazine with the usual matte cover and love sonnets and haikus. Reflections was good, the works of the artists were good, the staff and editors, they were also good, it was all good. But then we came in, we didn’t modify, we did not change, but rather completely restated what the literary magazine of the American School Foundation should be like.

This year, brand new artists lead the magazine; we brainstorm our dreams and aim at the transcendence of it. Starting with the name, it changed from Bibliobibuli to Babycakes to end up with Repentino for it seemed the most accurate.

First of all it is classy, it is in Spanish yet it translates exactly to the word ‘’sudden,’’ it came up just like the literary magazine staff assembled, out of the blue and with great purpose. Repentino is meant to be an opportunity for the international and ASF community of artists to get their oeuvres exposed. It is a chance to be taken seriously, to see your art on a piece of paper of a magazine inside someone’s bag and knowing that that person paid for your art. It is an opportunity to be inspired to create more, to start fulfilling your artistic potential and exploiting your ink and camera to design more masterpieces.

Repentino is also published for the readers, who can review the best art pieces of the young, of the adult and the old creators form all around the globe. With this magazine we aim at the exchange of ideas and feelings, at the promotion of culture and art, at the creation of a stronger artistic community in which all artists can be properly appreciated and in which there is more sensitivity towards the miracle of art.

Repentino will hopefully fulfill our artistic thirst and entangle all members of the community in its poetry.  We hope you enjoy many more adventures into our creativity to come, and thank you for being a part of this evening.

CAMILA  – Repentino editor

Check out the very popular “Spanish for Beginners” by Mr. Daniel Hamilton in our first issue of Repentino. 2012!




Regina- “Penpal´s Pimple” – “I wrote started my story a few years ago. It was very different but it was the same theme. I saw my notebook one day, lying on the bottom of my schoolbooks. I flipped through it and read the story. Then I added details and new things… Someone in my class thought that penpal was pimple so I thought I could make a funny story.”

Aaron Mines – “That photo was taken in Leverich Canyon, south of Bozeman, Montana in summer 2009. Leverich Canyon is a small canyon only a few miles long, dominated by its neighbors Hyalite Canyon and Sourdough Canyon. The photo shows an old miner’s cabin, abandoned sometime in the 19th century when the mining rush ended. Nearby is a town called Independence, Montana that was abandoned in the early 20th century, when mining turned out to be not as profitable as folks thought it was going to be. Close to the cabin there is a mine shaft that was used, but abandoned after the miner realized the same thing as the residents of Independence – mining was not as profitable as originally thought.  The cow skull is not part of the original cabin – I assume it was placed there by someone who found it nearby.”

ALIA, Cover Designer –  “The inspiration for the artwork derived from when I had first moved to Mexico–it was all new and exciting and frankly, a little frightening. I felt very cut off from the rest of the world, and my     friends and family who I had left behind. I was having trouble settling down on my own, but I quickly regained myself with good company and contact with old friends.”

Alyssa  – “18 years old, from Montana, USA. When I’m not singing loudly out my car window to pedestrians and the occasional wayward sheep, I am chained to a desk. Or a notebook. Or a tree. (If you can’t keep up with my complicated metaphors, I’m really involved in debate, writing, and traveling).I hope to one day become a professional font-namer, working out of a bright blue loft in San Francisco, California. I own 416 beanie babies, and they live under my bed. “

“Letters to No Mail Trail from Lazy H” was inspired by an assignment in my creative writing class, wherein we were studying Richard Hugo. Richard Hugo was truly an icon in the world of poetry, and he happened to live and teach her in Missoula, Montana. Our advisor, Lorilee Evans Lynn, was a student of his, which in a way makes me a descendant of Richard Hugo himself. This could be why I enjoy writing letter, and place poems so much, his two specialties. I really wanted to try to capture not so much the physical sensations of a place, but the emotional importance that all places hold for people.


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