Day Tripper!

First of all – Paul McCartney LIVE in Mexico – how much better does it get than that?  – Oh yeah, FREE – lol..the Zocolo was amazing – lights, fireworks, nostalgia, perhaps the best concert I have seen – even when I saw The Eagles all on one stage together – this was AMAZING.

Have to say, the students here in struggling have found strength in learning to do it on their own – I so many times wanted to jump in and fix things for them and forcibly pulled myself back – HATED doing it, and they have learned so many things on their own as a result, it is amazing how dedicated and creative they have been and are as they develop our magazine, not just literary but everything artistic you can imagine! I am so proud of them and all the students in my intermingling and diverse career that have helped me stay on track!  They keep removing forward!

Positive versus negative.  I am one of those people that gets wore down by pessimism, and the more I am around it, hear it, feel it, I get bogged down into zones I have never been and never want to remain.  Yet, the more positive and creative, I get this natural energy and adrenaline that can run a marathon without training – that is the power of having powerful and positive people surround you.  🙂  I am grateful I have this opportunity to be in Mexico and enjoy the positive energy so many people generate – this concert brought this out tonight…then there is this to consider…

Bob Dylan for the next two nights, Madonna in all her eccentricity os coming, as well as Def Leppard and Posion, lol!

I originally thought my destiny was to return to Delaware this summer as a working position and a perfect plan, then well, let’s just say people’s conversations occur and I began to realize, if someone wants to do the things they enjoyed when I was there, they need to also pitch in and say, “This is worth continuing” and they will do it, otherwise, it will not be and it never was meant to be continued!  I will always treasure the events that were pulled off and redoing them will not necessarily make them mean the same, I believe the value remind in the times of the past.

I am looking forward to a summer where I return to DE on my own terms, through a different set of eyes, and quietly, to take in things I never was able to see a certain way.  Adding to this, it is so exciting to have a summer that is an open book, for once in my life I get to decide where the road will take me, and this can’t be more exciting than this far of discovering myself and how others have influenced me.

I will not deny “I long for yesterday” and I hope to find some exciting revelations about myself as this summer unfolds as I reclaim much lost time I never had the chance to truly take in!

Paul McCartney’s concert was a journey in realizing all the good things we already have in life too!  🙂


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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