My next 30 years… A plan….

My Next 30 Years


And, my birthday today – and 316 hits on my blog on March 16th! How cool is that? WAY COOL!

Life – I find so many overlapping venues of life, then when they come a part of an event such as Battle of the Bands, isn’t it exciting to see people come from all around towards one competitive vent that benefits so many people?

My students are here, together, and we here this “awesome guy” come in and play the guitar and the harmonica, and I wondered, would HE come to Battle of the Bands? When yes came across as the answer – I had these thoughts –

A day filled with meeting Michael Arad, meeting the members of the 911 Tribute Center, on top of the amazing job our students get together and create something that touches each of us somewhere in the middle, is there a better way I could spend my birthday? I am sure there MIGHT be, yet, tho sis one of the best. The best would be with my family as well, but, these days from the 13th to the 18th – AMAZING!

Wait until you see the sister and brother of Camila de la Parra – one of many talented students we have….

Camila’s brother:

Camila’s sister

Life is funny – I will have so much more to say this day – as I turn 40 – so many things to express – and I just want to say, thanks for everyone allowing to turn 40 be wonderful and memorable! 🙂  I truly forward to my next 30 years!


Plan for the day (at 7:41 AM) – head to the conference – last day! Mail items to friends and family – call my Mom! 🙂 – eat lunch and a great dinner with great students – what goes in between? NO idea – I love it! 🙂 we are done at 12:00 today!


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