I love acronyms! For the first time since coming back from the 9th Grade Camping Retreat, it looked as if I had a calm Friday night October 14th, what to do….:)

I walked Southern Insurgentes knowing there were alot of unexplored restaurants from finding the Steelers fan club there and I knew there had to be something. I passed alot of small Sushi restaurants, contemplating, but I really wanted a dining experience! About 45 minutes later, I came across the World Trade Center, and laughing, passed by IHOP. I thought, come on, a dining EXPERIENCE, and well kept walking circled around and found a MAC store behind the World Trade Center, then came back on IHOP’s steps. I figured, this is the first time I can eat in an American restaurant since arriving, why not.

I was greeted by an awesome hostess and waitress, and saw something phenomenal on the screen – not knowing what was going on. As I sat watching, I realized the Pan American Open Ceremonies were on!

A note about the Opening Ceremonies….AMAZING. People were hanging from the high ceiling wrapped in a type of cloth, and mimicked flying as butterflies, were able to wrap themselves into the cloth, then unwrap, the whole time imitating gymnastic-style movements – AMAZING. Then the music accompanied by thousands of instruments and operatic to pop social styles, to works of art that was choreographed by dancers and singers, it was a definite site to be witnessing – and it was exciting to see so many people around me enthralleI worked my way through some of the best Quesadilla’s I EVER had, a knockout series of coffee, and the best ice cream with cinnamon and apple I could have expected. I watched for at least 2-3 hours the Pan American opening ceremonies, and realized, it does not have to be a 4 or 5 star restaurant to be the best dining experience, it just has to be relaxed, fun, interesting, and comfortable. I received all of these on a Friday night and walked away the more contented for it. Thank you IHOP!

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2 Responses to WTC and IHOP

  1. Hi! I saw your post on the NaNoWriMo site and I just have to ask, “There’s an IHOP in DF?!?!” I live here and have been looking for something like IHOP, I miss my omelets and eggs benedict… T.T…. Now I know!

    Also, do you know of any Indian places? I was looking for one just yesterday but ended up getting lost around San Angel >.<

    • harrybrake says:

      Yes! One GREAT place is the Taj Mahal! I posted a bit on it in my blog, here is the excerpt! :

      Taj Mahal Spicy. Warm. A diamond in the rough. If you like Bangladesh and India dishes, Taj Mahal is where it is at! Ask the owner as well for a glimpse at the blankets and blouses he sells, that alone is worth the trip let alone the awesome and authentic food! Not huge, but large enough where your group can feel right at home!

      Check below for the link:

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