“Blame it on the Rain”- Milli Vanilli

Rain here is incredible, I mean Incredible. Alot of it! As I was walking to the metro, from the metro, little things stuck out. As I was ascending the “Montezuma Stairs”, I saw literally rain currents coming down the steps as if this was a huge human fountain!

Then, on coming home, since I live on the top of the building, which is part o the roof, the amount of rain you see in a heavy downpour is amazing, crazy even! 🙂 Overall, I like it but it is much more unusual than the humidity and scorching days that drive you to the beach 🙂 in Delaware!

I was lucky enough to find there was a spot open for the Orientation camp at Vera Cruz this weekend and was asked to go to help. I think this will be an opportunity to meet the students and get to know them a little better aka ASF. My supervisor also mentioned this a definite to go to, so heeding that, sure, this will be fun! Leaving Thursday, and returning Sunday evening a weekend of hiking, water rafting, as well as ziplining will sure to bond alot of the new students together in a great experience!

I checked out two books on Monday, and when I opened the one, on the history of the Aztec, there were 8 metro passes inside. Unbelievable. A gift from the Aztecs? LOL, or just compensation for taking the “long bus” trip ride to Santa Fe? lol…My supervisor Elaine bought me lunch as she felt responsible for me getting lost, I will owe her several lunches thanks to her generosity of donations to get me started here at ASF! (Pajamas, silverware, you name it!)

I applied for the JEA grant for ASF, which allows the school to receive around 3500.00 to maintain an online newspaper representing the school, but also a new initiative, getting students from around the world as contributing authors! I am excited about the possibilities of this!

I only am now feeling I am starting to get a grasp on covering bills in the U.S. and here at the same time. I will feel much more at ease once I get the mailing thing down, finding the post office, actually buying stamps and sending things off, and seeing I am on a pattern of paying items as they need paid using the internet and such. Alot has been accomplished in so little of a time, but overall, thanks to the help of family and friends in the U.S, as well as new friends here, this has all been possible.

Another amazing fact I found out on Wednesday, there was a tremor in Delaware as well as a threat of a hurricane in Seaford, wow. I am hoping all will be safe but am amazed at the whole time I was there, nothing of the sort occurred! Wouldn’t MEXICO be the likely place for a hurricane rather than Delaware?!

Things that occur are often beyond explanation, no doubt…:)


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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