Yo he llegado!

by Harry Robert Brake on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 5:10pm

 Okay, so briefly, I slept from BWI to Fort Worth, Texas, then ate at Fuddrucker’s in Forth Worth, then exchanged all my money for pesos…..:)   All within 10 minutes.  I boarded the flight connection to Mexico City, the butterflies set in, all of a sudden.  I looked around and noticed the plane was 90% Latino/Mexican.  The nervousness, SET IN. lol.  I found myself seated beside the only American, on the plane, Mr. James Morris, thank you James!   They handed out papers to sign before going into Mexico, only they handed me the Spanish version only, not the English version.  The attendant thought I was Spanish!  LOL..  I was talking to James who told me that he married someone in Mexico and he lived in Texas, we talked and he told me he would lead me through the process of checking thriough immigration.  He led me through, and when he found out he laughed, took a look at me, and told me when I see the Mexican women, like he did, I will be taken in a matter of week…..he told me this five more times as we went out through customs I was in for a treat.  Oh, and a little bit of info he told me as we left, um, the strip clubs in Mexico are s full contact sport…I DID NOT ASK THIS AND UM, well, let’s just leave that comment there….:)

I retrieved my luggage thanks to James, checked out through custom one more time, and saw someone with a sign that said American School Foundation….SANDRA!  🙂   She is GREAT!   I met Ann from Los Angeles, who is a teacher here, with Leyla and Zwa her son and daughter, we rode to PF Suites in Mexico City….

Upon leaving us in the hotel, Sandra hugged me, and kissed my cheek!  I think I am supposed to do that!  Really?   I am here, aand they gave me a phone a cell phone  AGH!   They said they had created an account for me and I have money if I need it tomorrow…..um, this is crazy experience, but I am excited!   So I am going to eat at an authentic restaurant tonight and planning the gifts I m going to get my friends and family….:)   More updates to come!  🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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