Moving Forward…

Okay! Updates….:) Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 8:24am Wednesday –

Up and catching the hotel van to ASF, we were together as all a unit, lower, middle, and upper school teachers, as well as ECC (Early Childhood), there is a lot of us new hires from all over the country! 🙂 We did icebreakers, traditional tours of the school, went to see how close the nearest store was and bank in the neighborhood, then I was off to see more furniture. In the course of today and Thursday, I managed to arrange delivery of my furniture, 1st shipment Thursday, second Friday. They used ropes to pull up the furniture to the roof of the house, VERY cool.

Wednesday was awesome as we went to the President’s house from ASF for dinner. He had cooks and waiters and they cooked some of the best steak with bacon around it, as well as some of the best desserts and dishes for us to eat. He enjoyed two balconies in his apartment and wow, the mingling was great! I was able to meet alot of new teachers, from ECC to upper school to all over. Free food and drinks all night. It was great!
Thursday I did meet with my team of librarians and teachers, and they are hosting a huge technology conference in September, and we are encouraged to propose a workshop or cohort for the attending educators. Also, we talked about where the library will be in the future and it is exciting to see the opportunities to work with all the levels of the school. I plan to periodically pop in to the teachers, from ECC to elementary to middle to upper school to see what their needs are, som much potential it is exciting!
I found out that my hiring was what seems to be fate. At ASF they never hire anyone but local individuals for the position I had. Somehow my resume came across the hiring manager, and she glanced at it but set it aside. It came back up, was pitched to the principal, went away, then the resume come back again and on an unprecedented decision, I was hired! They thought it was time to inject the library with some energy to revamp the services, so it was by the skin of my teeth that I was considered as I am obviously locally born here. It was something to have the individual in charge of hiring coming up to me at the dinner to tell me my coming here was fate, made me feel just unreal…:)

Friday allowed me to have the rest of the furniture moved in and am waiting to get the wireless set up at the house. This will complete my needs and I can move into the apartment! 🙂 It is great to be the weekend! YEAH!

Saturday brought exciting trips! We travelled to the City of coyotes and saw some of the oldest convents, and churches from the 15th Century there! Additionally, we saw a HUGE marketplace of original art, all ate together as a group in one of the bes cantina, and saw a live mariachi (spelling?!) group singing and playing with the designated honorees walking in front. Amazing place. Coyoacan, what a place! We met an actor from soap opera they were filming right there! He came right up to us and was talking to us, it was great! The convent was beautiful and just what you would see in the films!

That evening I helped a fellow teacher from South Africa teaching stint, but her home is Los Angeles, moving her family up 5 flights of stairs, up, up, up, wow, I haven’t had that much exercise since, I don’t know?! LOL…
Today we are headed back to a free tour of the Mayan ruins and the Presidencia place we had visited earlier. The open courtyard was beautiful and it should be nice day. Hoping to move in to the apartment by Tuesday at the latest. Just need to get my mattress and refrigerator, and internet, and we are in! YEAH! 🙂 I need to get that blog created tonight…:)


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