Student Views of …decisions/choices/alternatives?

What do students feel when they are asked ? Librarians are always curious, so we first are producing their raw answers and in a day or so, and will extract out what stands out to us as we let content soak in.

Something poignant stands out – “It feels like something that’s happened already that shouldn’t have.” I keep coming back to this one line. It makes me feel and think about topics that relate to librarianship, librarians, and students when they aren’t asked, then they are left out of pertinent conversations, when they aren’t considered. Yet, I also think about how waves of issues can pop up and just fly past you and leave you feeling as if you are a spectator and not actively involved in events around you as so much happens, so quickly, so sudden, sometimes as it just feels like a reaction.

Not sure if that sticks out to you in some way, but that line still sticks in my mind as a come into contact with a myriad of viewpoints, issues, and concerns from individuals from all walks of life. Stay tuned for more 🙂

I love the fact that when asked something that many do not think of asking, students will take the questions themselves and try to gather many opinions of their peers- as happened here. I feel we need to see much more empowerment of youth regarding issues and have more discussions with youth on topics that are occurring around us in librarianship arenas; their thoughts and views will surprise you!


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