Baker & Taylor – TitleTalk: Summer Fall 2023 Previews today.

April 26, 2023 –

Kudos and a HUGE thanks to DLA’s Catherine Wimberley, Jaclyn Hale,

and YSD’s Susan Elizabeth Cordle

and to the Route 9 Library and Innovation Center

and to Baker & Taylor’s Spring and Fall 2023 title previews for hosting the TitleTalk: Summer Fall 2023 Previews today.

Weather you realize it or not, Delaware has the ability to host HUGE events on their own- it takes more than the grueling amount of hours the planners and sponsors commit to and out in – it takes each of you as attendees – and is was AWESOME seeing Dawn Card, Susan Gooden, Stephanie Saggione, Mae-Lynn Smith and a lot of public librarians too – together – there was so much to take in.

Some could argue it was just a long day of titles being presented but this is the different, certified librarians and qualified public librarians can take the same info most people would just see as titles, and are able to instantly connect those titles to the needs of real students.

THAT is the difference between qualified and those that are not quite yet. It was an honor to be in the room with so many individuals willing to make sacrifices to excite their patrons about literacy.

Stay tuned and check at the bottom of this blog for a great video surprise of my notes you will see tomorrow (from today)

and yes – Carina Ho was amazing.

Small examples to get excited about today:

Rebellion 1777 – Laurie Halse Anderson

Jason Reynolds Mile Morales Suspended and Stunt Boy

Matthew McConaughey Just Because

and MANY MORE pages of some pretty exciting book that will just make you stop.

And Stare.

Stay tuned and tomorrow, I will flip through my notes in a video and show you, as if you were there today, what you need to be looking for.

Video of my notes from the Titletalk:

2023 Titletalk!


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