Absolutely nothing more needed said. Nothing.

When I heard this amazing podcast

about how fast it all goes by – so much came to mind:

Mary Louise Kelly on her memoir ‘It. Goes. So. Fast. The Year of No Do-Overs’

The cars that refuse to go less than 80 degrees per mile on my bumper at 6:30 AM, the afternoon, in the evening on Atlanta Road and refuse to understand when I am behind them at the next stop sign, their passing me on a double line lane did not matter at all – and saved them a whole 2 minutes and jeopardized their and others lives…

The refusal to accept life as easygoing and to catch up with people over pushing higher, pushing for more status, more money, more more more…basically not being able to get off the hamster-wheel so many businesses see merit in their version of success…

The complaints that come from many people not used to a get to know your neighbor first, deal with business later, laid back approaches that can be found in Delaware, Mexico City, and a few other choice places versus the GO Go Go feel of larger cities?

It all goes back to – Rushing is highly overrated – and life shortening – I LOVE the themes that were emphasized in this amazing podcast.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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