International Women’s Day – A Precedent Setter

International Women’s Day 2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity

As you know, or may not know, March is Women’s History Month and today is International Women’s Day – and this fact alone, could be set aside like so many other holidays, where people recognize a specific day or month by the special focus it has, and then that’s that.

What I think is powerful, is the power itself any holiday, and specially recognized day has, if you act on it.

Yesterday, thanks to the following panelists, successful women took time to pass on ways that future generations of young women can go on and carry this day, and this month to their younger generations.

Ms. Katey Evans– Frozen Farmer and repeat recipient on Shark Tank

Pastor Gail Williams Graham AME Church 

Mrs. Kelley Kirkland, Woodbridge High School Principal

Ms. Stephanie Ingram, President of DSEA

Ms. Rachel Culver, President of Delaware Library Association

Mrs. Elyse Baerga, Director of Student Services at Woodbridge School District

Ms. Deb Jewell – Dover Federal Credit Union Culture and Engagement Manager

Ms. Altia Anderson – Former Woodbridge High Graduate, Marquette Basketball athlete, Monmouth Basketball Coach.

No one had to. And by all rights, no one had to take the time that these successful women took for others yesterday. Yet they did. That is the amazing precedent that sets so many individuals apart from others. The world is by far, much fuller of complacent individuals than those that face the obstacles, face the feelings of procrastination and worlds of dreaming, and push themselves out into the world and take action to make things happen now – that second group of individuals are the movers and shakers.

Woodbridge High Hosts 1st Annual International Women’s Day Panel!

It was an honor to hear Ms. Katey Evans opened up the panel opening her doors of experience to the young ladies in saying “If you think you know what hard work is, that homework is hard, that working now is hard, get ready to rewrite the book.” Ms. Evans took the time to break down the exciting opportunities that their company is making to connect and make and double, triple, even more relationships that will further her busines, and certainly shows how a farming family goes on to make a huge impact on many more lives. Her energy, insight, and willingness to be moving 24 hours a day to make a larger impact and grow already-started successes set the tone of what we would hear from other panelists to follow.

Behind the scenes many do not realize are powerful and the successes these panelists brought to the spotlight, that many only knew a portion of was priceless. Behind the scenes of catering the lunch and desserts thanks to Ms. Katey Evans and Ms. Kim Sears,

to the set up and preparation of all the day to Ms. Joy Conway. Ms. Tracey Short with some amazing treats for the attendees, to the connections made due to Ms. Fisher and Ms. Durham, to the very awesome idea of the buttons created thanks to WHS student Rising Educator student Ashley- so much behind the scenes this month needs to be brought into the spotlight – daily.

Initiative, determination, creativity, hard work, and focus were shown to move futures to the finish line when all odds and standing still could just as easily occurred. Yet her story was JUST the start of many that went on record to show how powerful being a precedent setter can be, and 7 more panelists made that very how that set them aside from individuals that dream and dream alone. Stay tuned for insights shared, created, and relayed in a powerful event that if tuned in to, changes everything over the next few days.

Thank you so much 1st Annual International Women’s panel for sharing paths that you did not plan, and yet found yourselves on.


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